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In ProgressWhat happened to graphics?¿?¿?¿?

kaostotal77kaostotal77 Registered Users Posts: 35
edited July 2016 in Performance & Graphics
What tittle says...I remember viewing this video a few months ago:


or this:


And I loved the game but ALSO THE GRAPHICS!!...now I see that my game doesnt look even closer to that, of course with ALL settings maxed out...

-Ambient Occlusion is AWFUL and stops working once MSAA is enabled or you get closer to the models which shouldnt happen.

-Screen Space reflections are bugged (at least with nvidia cards) and totally break the underground environement.

-LIGHTING UNDERGROUND IS UTTERLY HORRIBLE!!!! as ambient occlusion seems totally broken and has nothing to do with the graphics saw in previous videos (which were CLEARLY IN GAME)...also, no excuse about performance here, as I can easily keep a quite high rate of fps at maxed out settings with my (mid range) system.

In other words, the game looks TERRIBLY UGLY /OUTDATED in underground battles and seems like its 8 years old in those cases (not very good either in external battles anyway), making previous total wars games look even better than warhammer, WTH?¿?¿? :/

-Textures are really bad in underground sceneries, popping/flickering constantly as you move.

-There is no any kind of lighting/shadowing reaction for units/environement (no lighting system at all in underground battles) .

-Reflective materials are not acting properly in underground battles.

-Objects/elements in underground situations seems totally dull/matted and lifeless like there is not any kind of "shader" effect working.

-Weird fog messing up with the underground sceneries and making the maps look like they are not "working correctly".

-Weird "lack" of elements/objects in the underground maps (they seem totally empty), just a ground plane, a texture and the units...thats ALL.

-Shadows in external battles are bugged as they change weirdly as you get closer/move away from them.

Some pictures:

System specs:

i5 [email protected],4Ghz
16gb gskill
win7 64
Drivers 368.39 (latest)

Settings TOTALLY MAXED OUT, including unlimited VRAM.

Build number:

v1.0.0 9738.876614

Cant upload files (cant change images to files for some reason) so I uploaded in other server:



Preferences script:



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  • Mario118Mario118 Member Registered Users Posts: 225
    Yet another lighting thread. @Guy_CA this is why I said make an official announcement about that blueish underground lighting being the final look.

    Those two video's you posted with the 2015 preview build is not how the final game looks, sorry. That blueish hue you get underground now is the design way they chose to go.
  • kaostotal77kaostotal77 Registered Users Posts: 35
    Mario118 said:

    Yet another lighting thread. @Guy_CA this is why I said make an official announcement about that blueish underground lighting being the final look.

    Those two video's you posted with the 2015 preview build is not how the final game looks, sorry. That blueish hue you get underground now is the design way they chose to go.

    Well, I dont know if this is how the final game should look and of course, I would also love to read an official word from CA about that BUT...I would hardly believe that the game just looks like that, just because in the case of the ambient occlusion for example, its SOOOOOOOOOOO low quality that I want to believe that it CANT BE THE ULTRA SETTING!!...even previous Total wars games have better AO, its a non sense mate!!

    Also, the blueish fog and weird underground rocky environement edges/shader cant be "the final look", I just refuse to believe CA could do such a poor work, specially when they showed a WAAAAAAY BETTER graphics in previous game footages...

    I dont know who is the culprit here (CA/nvidia) but I bet actually the game is NOT looking as it should...
  • kaostotal77kaostotal77 Registered Users Posts: 35
    Yet another couple of sample to show off the difference:

  • Mario118Mario118 Member Registered Users Posts: 225
    I agree that the new blueish look, looks horrible compared to the preview build. But you have to also understand that even on the Steam screenshots, CA has put up official screenshots showing the underground does indeed look like this now with the blueish tint.
  • kaostotal77kaostotal77 Registered Users Posts: 35
    edited June 2016
    I would love to read an officiat statement from CA about this...but again, I wouldnt be able to understand why would they make such a substantial turn down in graphics when the game was looking so good in real gameplays before and when my mid range system can run it so good at this "ultra" settings?¿?¿? it has no sense to me...

    Also, recently, they released this 360º video here:


    and the normal version at high quality:


    I think it clearly seems to be made with the games engine BUT, with LOTS of lighting and shadowing effects!!!! look to all those real time shadows/self shadows, all that light sources!!OMG!! I know that would be hard to run in our hardware (not in all the available hardware btw) but the graphics showed in the previous gameplays should be THE REAL ONES AT LEAST if not near to what you can see in this 360º video!!
  • DMA64DMA64 Registered Users Posts: 71
    I also hope for a new nvidia driver and/or patch, at the moment it looks very washed out. In another topic someone from CA said they were looking into this.
  • ts8lemonadets8lemonade Member Registered Users Posts: 105
    I actually posted a thread similar to this before I saw this one. The shadows in the underground are broken. If they want to use the blue style lighting, whatever, but right now there are no shadows being rendered in underground battles. This... isn't right. It looks bad. I know it's underground, there's no sunlight, but there is some source of light. And that source of light is going to make things around it have shadows. If there was no source of light, then it would just be pitch black.

    This is the thread I posted: https://forums.totalwar.com/discussion/178607/shadows-not-showing-up-in-subterranean-battles
  • kaostotal77kaostotal77 Registered Users Posts: 35
    edited June 2016
    Totally agree with you guys!!...I think the graphics ARE BROKEN right now (even in open sky battles, I cant see how mountains shadows are changing as I move through the map which obviously shouldnt happen), and I seriously hope they FIX this!...there is no kind of lighting system for the underground battles and thus, those battles look like the game is 10 years old, I do insist, its not that the game doesnt look "that good" or "not so pretty", NO...the game looks HORRIBLE right now, and miles away from what we all expected.

    But at the same time, I would say that it would look amazing as soon as they "enable" a couple of lighting features (light sources, shadowing, quality ambient occlusion...) to make it looks like the gameplays I posted...so it shouldnt be an "impossible" thing.

    Btw, no answer over here from CA?¿?¿?
  • kaostotal77kaostotal77 Registered Users Posts: 35
    Found an "Angry Joe show" gameplay video showing the "good" graphics also...AMAZING difference!!

    Please CA!!, bring back / fix the graphics issues!!!!

  • HuntingDogHuntingDog Senior Member Registered Users Posts: 1,470
    Yeah, underground lighting / art direction is simply a complete fail. It's the reason I always skip underground battles. They simply look atrocious with compelete lack of colors and unit shadowing.

    I already use a SweetFX profile to boost the somewhat lackluster colors and to remove the general blueish tint. But for the horrible underground levels I would have to boost those corrections like 10 times to make it look halfway decent. But then everyhting else would look like a visit in the candy shop, lol.
  • kaostotal77kaostotal77 Registered Users Posts: 35
    edited June 2016
    Thanks for the comment mate!!...as said many times, I really find hard to believe they (CA) just dont mind how BAD underground battles look, really cant believe that, so I still hoping for a patch to FIX all the underground lighting and the rest of glitched/bugged stuff (ambient occlusion, texture popping/flickering and SSReflections)...
  • kaostotal77kaostotal77 Registered Users Posts: 35
    Not a single response from CA yet?¿?¿? I have included all the info you request guys??? any info about this issue???

  • genoc1brgenoc1br Registered Users Posts: 18
    edited June 2016
    It's not just the underground graphics though. If you start a custom battle on Golden Monolith level it looks like garbage too. I think because the battle takes place in the shadow of a mountain. This is everything on Ultra GTX 980 Ti. Post your screen shot of the battle before it starts and lets compare. photo Total War WARHAMMER 2016-06-22_16-22-48_zpssateipz9.png

    photo Total War WARHAMMER 2016-06-22_16-22-07_zpsxw0db0uf.png

    The shadows are just parallel lines here
    photo Total War WARHAMMER 2016-06-22_16-23-49_zpshvxwehwa.png
  • kaostotal77kaostotal77 Registered Users Posts: 35
    edited June 2016
    Yes, you are right, everytime the battle takes place in a non direct light environment (so ambient occlusion should be the principal light effect feature) the game looks AWFUL and way worse than many older games...the culprit here is, as said before, the AMBIENT OCCLUSION which for some reason is not working properly and/or is working at such a LOW quality/resolution/accuracy that the game just feels like lacking the effect directly.

    Shadows are also bugged and depending on the map/place you are looking/camera height and tilt/etc. start changing or getting removed which obviously should NOT happend.

    In this second picture you can see how AO looks like a big darkened rectangle below the unit instead of a detailed indirect shadowing below every unit soldier...looks really bad and even worse in movement when you can see all the low quality blotches flickering like a **** all the time, WTH CA???

    Still no answer from CA...I dont think it could be so hard to say "yes, its a bug" or "no, the game works as intended"?¿?¿? :/
    t5.jpg 301.1K
    t4.jpg 448.7K
    t1.jpg 430.8K
  • genoc1brgenoc1br Registered Users Posts: 18
    I am so happy you posted yours, makes me feel better knowing it is not just me!!! And still no answer....
  • kaostotal77kaostotal77 Registered Users Posts: 35
    Yes mate!!, you are not alone!!...in fact, we ALL are having this issue, and yet NO ANSWER even here in the forums about THIS (MY) POST...seriously CA???..I would love you gays to post your opinion about this problem, just dont stay quiet, so they know how important this issue is and (at least) they might give us an answer...
  • biohazardbgrbiohazardbgr Senior Member Registered Users Posts: 370
    This is absolutely the biggest fail from CA so far not even rome 2 have this problems this is just pathetic. I stop playing the game because of this massive downgrade its not only downgrade its a broken game in visual part. The graphics are horrible the lighting is like ps2 game just unplayable and this is a pc platform, pc don't need downgrade. After shogun 2 CA begin to make buggy and glitchy game one after another. Rome II full of bugs water reflections missing and no anti aliasing. Attila even more bugs than rome II. Attila worked in release and they broke it later and left it int this horrible state. But this is another level by CA releasing game so broken that i dont know how they will fixed it. I'm so disappointed to give them my money to buy the hi king edition im so frustrated that i cannot refund it. One thing is sure never again I will buy any game from CA or dlc for warhammer. I suggest people vote with their wallets until CA fix Rome II Attila and warhammer.

    I have been burned to many times from CA listtlen in 16 minute

  • kaostotal77kaostotal77 Registered Users Posts: 35
    I know what you are talking about bro!!! as many other people of course...I cant believe how they are reluctant to FIX the DAMN BUGS from one release to another, its just INCREDIBLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! but as you say, the graphics problems in warhammer are just ridiculous!!! and the game is obviously NOT working correctly...but what really annoys me the most is:

    1-They are not giving us a single word about this.

    2-The game worked perfectly well in previous gameplay videos.

    WTF is going on with this?? at least a simple, short and clear answer would be needed.
  • biohazardbgrbiohazardbgr Senior Member Registered Users Posts: 370
    edited June 2016
    CA must take example from companies like Paradox Interactive Relic Entertainment and Black bird interactive. Companies that prove they support their games to perfection years after release. Yesterday COH 2 have yet another patch. CK2 will have another DLC and many improvements were introduced from EU4. Things I was expecting from CA after the Fall of the samurai features introduced to Shogun 2. Im very disappointed, specially by the communication with the consumers. I personally have talk with one of the CA creative team employee talking to him many times before attila were released about rome II problems and after that about Attila broken state. I'm professional and I talked about the visual part in the games and what must be fixed because this are not some very minor glitches and bug, but major bugs with shaders models lighting in the game this is unacceptable to be in AAA game that have premium price.

    He told me CA will not fix Attila and will left the game with this glaring problems. In other hand I have extremely positive experience with the Professionals BBI the creators of homeworld remaster. I want to say that this is the right way to make games and to communicate and the way to maintain trust in the product and the company. HWR were released with some problems and big gameplay flaws naturally many people go to the forums to write about them I report many bugs and for my surprise not some moderator answer my thread but the lead programmer of the project. He told us that they know about the problems and they will fix them. For some time I assumed they abandoned the game like CA did but no. Not only they fix the problems they reconstruct the game changing and enhancing many part in the game and make nearly perfect HW game. They introduced 2.0 version of the game absolutely amazing work were done in this enhanced huge patch.

    qute from Dave the Lead Programmer

    "At the end of the day this was a passion project, and this patch is the right thing to do for a lot of reasons”- Dave"

    Link to the new version patch feastures here http://www.fistsofheaven.com/gearbox-homeworld-remastered-patch/

    But after time I find some problems and I report them. The same programer Dave answer my thread after minutes and told me the problems were already fixed and the next day there were a hot fix. I find another problems they again were fixed. I talked about some decisions of the textures of lighting on the engines of the ships. Again he responded and told me that this is not a bug but design decision and explanation with details the artistic vision of the team. This is the way to make games and to communicate openly with the public and make sure your project is polished and playable because they know this game is legacy. HW have many fans that want to play this amazing game fortunate for us it's real and nearly perfect game that I will play years from now and I will support the studio. TW have many fans of specific time period and the sad thing is the roman era my favorite were left broken and I have bitter taste when play them, shameful display CA. I was huge TW supporter buying everything that CA release and like all my friends that used to play TW I quit the series. I feel betrayed by CA they show us games we pay and after that the games are left broken. It will be very hard to convince hardcore fans to support the series anymore. I still remember the excitement for Rome II I was extremely inspired to create art and I dreamed about this game for years. The same was with Attila and WH and again and again I find broken promises.

    CA I will tell you abandoning your games, this is not the right thing to do!
  • kaostotal77kaostotal77 Registered Users Posts: 35
    Wow man!!, nice post!...I totally agree with everything you said there...sadly, CA games (TW) are great games, but the flaws at some regards are just unjustifiable!...why arent they fixed some problem from one game to another??, its a nonsense and demonstrate that we, the customers, mind a **** to them...

    The thing is, after a month of the release of TWWH, CA hasnt say a word about a patch, and even less about the DX12 patch...just 4 days to end june, date before of which they said we would hace the dx12 patch.

    Hope they release a nice dx12 patch with all graphics/non graphics issues solved...just 4 days!!

  • biohazardbgrbiohazardbgr Senior Member Registered Users Posts: 370
    edited June 2016
    The patch and DX 12 is here DX 12 that dont work on 980 ti are you kidding me. So we have still broken lighting in the game, still broken underground battles and shaders and broken AO the list is long... Im uninstalling the game again worst total war launch ever. I cant believe what pathetic screenshot they put as background in the main menu just like some free mod. What about the background of Attila shogun or early games. You have great art in the loading menu why not put a quality illustrations. Its a shame that this game is released unfinished great potential but so many problems and not only on the visual side. Where are the settlement battles why sieges are so dumb down. None of this things are mentioned on the reviews praising this broken unfinished game .
  • kaostotal77kaostotal77 Registered Users Posts: 35
    edited June 2016

    The patch and DX 12 is here DX 12 that dont work on 980 ti are you kidding me. So we have still broken lighting in the game, still broken underground battles and shaders and broken AO the list is long... Im uninstalling the game again worst total war launch ever. I cant believe what pathetic screenshot they put as background in the main menu just like some free mod. What about the background of Attila shogun or early games. You have great art in the loading menu why not put a quality illustrations. Its a shame that this game is released unfinished great potential but so many problems and not only on the visual side. Where are the settlement battles why sieges are so dumb down. None of this things are mentioned on the reviews praising this broken unfinished game .

    I have just downloaded the patch, run the game with INCREDIBLE EXCITEMENT to see how "at least" CA would have fixed the SSReflections bug in the whole game and maybe see the underground lighting system working correctly (or at least not looking like a 2003 game) and......................................................................................W T F?¿?¿?¿?¿?¿?¿?¿?¿?¿?¿?¿?¿?¿?¿?¿?...NOTHING, I do repeat, NOTHING HAS BEEN FIXED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The game looks exactly the same, even bugs wise, as before!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...SSR are bugged, underground looks AWFUL, AO is broken/utterly bad, DX12 is a joke (even for AMD users, where you can gain a 5% improvement at best)... W T F is this?¿?¿?¿?¿?¿?¿?¿?

    And to finish all that "great work" they made (after of more that 1 month for the damn patch) as you said mate, they put that ridiculous low quality picture that looks like a **** in the main menu...Im done!
  • biohazardbgrbiohazardbgr Senior Member Registered Users Posts: 370
    edited June 2016
    More and more I beginning to believe that the guys that make games before Rome II left the company. Never before I saw such problems in total war games. One thing I cannot understand is how you can develop game making patches and those patches broke your game making it worse and this bugs are not some minor bugs but major bugs. How you can destroy your water in Rome II after the beautiful shader in shogun II Napoleon and Empire.

    Also how you can have MSAA anti aliasing in Shogun and none in Rome II. The next game in the series the newer and supposed to be better game. With 40 percent more budget and assuring us it will look waaay waaay better than the reveal Carthage gameplay. I remember when CA broke the Rome II water with a patch. CA representative write to us apologizing that this glitch find its way to the public build and say this is unacceptable and the bug were fixed. What happen , after this no one respond for the bugs and most of them were left. later the water bug appear again and when many many people ask CA to fix it for years they didn`t. Things get much worse with Attila. How you can make patch for some arabian cultures and brake the lighting system in the campaign map. Also brake the campaign map in The last roman I talked about the Tangaste province. Completely destroy seasons and atmosphere in the GC map, now we can see rain in the winter the fog disappear and the lighting in different regions.

    this is how the game is supposed to be.

    I dont want to start talking about the bugs in the unit models were so many armors are intersecting in one of another.

    But CA outdone themselves with warhammer. I used to respect the studio for their amazing work and polished games. Medieval II Napoleon Shogun are prime examples why I used to support the studio. The sad thing is that after Shogun II total war became like an early y access game riddle with bugs and glitches unacceptable for a AAA games. I invested so much money in this games not in sales. I cant believe they will be left in this state. Many people want to play the Roman era total wars and wanted this games to be polished like Shogun II. What happen CA I thought the studio learn from past mistakes (empire but empire was mostly fixed).

    I waited for warhammer and with pleasure buy the HK edition after I saw the amazing visuals. The game stay uninstalled because this is not the game that I give money for. Every of my total war friends stop buyng games none of them buy warhammer I`m the only one because I love warhammer. They want Rome and Attila fixed and never again will buy total war game until they are fixed and I became one of them, regretting to buy this early access game. Its real shame what happened to my favorite franchise I hope more people realize this and stop buying their games until we see very strong support for past games. I remember CA stated that they will support past games and again this is a Lie. One for sure you lost one of your most loyal supporter from the very beginning . I don't trust CA anymore that they can deliver quality products on the market. For me this are not finished games and I wont buy alpha versions. I hope people open their eyes and demand quality products and support. Shameful Display CA.
  • GunKingGunKing Registered Users Posts: 622
    Wow. Glad I'm not the only one who thought underground battles look like crap. I could never articulate WHY they looked bad, it all seemed very flat to me, but this explains it all really. Perhaps when they do Skaven they'll revisit the underground.
  • kaostotal77kaostotal77 Registered Users Posts: 35

    Great post mate!!, totally agree with you dude!! Its crazy how they just ignore what they left behind unfixed/broken...even right now with the blood dlc launch, they may think we are stupids. Look how the new blood look in underground battles:

    Look how the blood is absurdly dark, you cant even see it clearly because the lighting is totally broken. Also, the dust is stupidly dark, and looks like a black weird cloud (in yellow)

    Look at the dust cloud:

    And the fire/explosion effects are nor working fine also, look how they are not emitting any kind of light to the scene:

    Obviously a game NOT WORKING CORRECTLY!!!

    Please CA!!!!!!, PLEASEEEEEE!!! fix the graphics problems, I beg you!!!!!! stop ignoring this threads!!!!!!we spend a lot of time/effort to bring to you this problems because we PAID for the game, and as you customers we deserve a way better treatment!!!!

    This CANT be how the game is intended to look!!
  • biohazardbgrbiohazardbgr Senior Member Registered Users Posts: 370
    edited July 2016
    This can't be real what happen CA the game used to have beautiful graphics the best graphics in total war even better than Attila in the preview build. Now is the worst looking total war because of the bugs. The game have great models but you cannot see them because of the bad lighting. It will be better that underground battles and the dwarves have been released later with working subterranean battles and lighting. The game have so many problems the list is huge some of it are. No sync kills none they didn`t reduce them they remove them its not even medieval II quality. The siege battles are the worst no destruction no full cities just abysmal wall that when is hit is sliced purrfectly and you can see just how someone select section of the wall with the selection tool in the engine and press Delete button.. No escalations no civilians. Were is the weather in the game or seasons or change of day night, rain, fog, snow. Why there are no reloading animations. Were are the settlements battles so many many features missing.

    May be after 3-4 years the game will be great with all the expansions and dlc. And this things that i point have been fixed and fixed and improved graphics but right now this game is very weak. Have great potential but is Alpha.

    I find this good videos pointing some of the problems.

    I also want to mention the horrible city models in the campaign map. After Rome II the cities were incredible upgrading growing in the map expanding and in Attila also. I want to ask what happen again.?
    Great video btw down there pointing also many problems with the game.

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  • Mario118Mario118 Member Registered Users Posts: 225
    I'm starting to think this problem is isolated to our nVidia cards. Look at this users screenshot he posted in a similar post on steam:


    It looks much better than what we're seeing in ours with the horrible blue hue and shadows.
  • Mario118Mario118 Member Registered Users Posts: 225

    Another good example of what's going on underground.
  • biohazardbgrbiohazardbgr Senior Member Registered Users Posts: 370
    The same lighting the only difference is that AC is off.
  • Mario118Mario118 Member Registered Users Posts: 225
    No way this lighting in that steam screenshot of that user is much better. You can actually see depth and shadows...

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