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Camera options suggestion

Mr_HawnMr_Hawn Junior MemberRegistered Users Posts: 25
Would it be possible to add a 'Max. camera distance' slider to either camera settings or to the graphics options?
This would allow the player to have more control over the game camera and I believe it would lead to a better experience for players.
There could also be separate sliders for battle and tactical map camera for even more control on how someone chooses to play.

If there are concerns on the impact of the camera moving further away, you could add a small popup that shows when an user moves the slider to say something like 'Increasing the maximum camera distance may adversely affect the game's performance.'.


  • Mr_HawnMr_Hawn Junior Member Registered Users Posts: 25
    I just had to revisit this suggestion in view of the patch notes as you are now removing the debug camera.

    Core gameplay features like the camera management should NOT be left to mods! If you think that this change will mess up the battle realism mode then disable the sliders for that mode. Mods should not be required for basic gameplay like a workable camera.
  • HussarHussar Junior Member Registered Users Posts: 5
    Camera needs improvement. I quit playing arena total war when u took out debug camera and i will do the same thing here. Byebye esl.

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