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Head to Head Battle Crashes

LionsblazeLionsblaze Registered Users Posts: 1
Okay, so my brother and I have been playing RTW2 for several months. We are turn 110 (5 minute turns, fight out battles, limited faction movement) into a Head to Head. We both have MSI GE60 computers (his is a newer model). My specs are:

Processor: i7-4700MQ CPU @ 2.40 GHz
System: 64 bit
Windows 8 (he is on windows 10)

Game build: v2.20 (for both of us)

So far we have been fine. We have played other types of coop campaigns and been fine. Single player is fine too. We fought out a battle with 14,000 troops on a city (vs each other) and were fine, albeit sloooow due to our internet. Recently however the game has crashed when we try to fight out battles. Once it happened after he took Roma from me and we were loading out of the battle. It happened several times when we were fighting against each other. And now it just happened and it seems to be unavoidable.

What happens is we pick up from our last save (end of my turn.) We have all the factions cycle through until it gets to "Slaves" who attack a town of mine that is easily defendable. I choose to fight out a battle. He spectates. Immediately the game crashes for either one or both of us before, or during, the loading screen. This has happend 4 times (same sequence of events) as we have tried to tweak a few things. The only error screen it gives is "Rome Total War 2 has stopped working" or something along those lines.

Any advice or direction would be great.
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