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Attila Rigging and Animation pipeline

CptJetlagCptJetlag Registered Users Posts: 1
Hi all,

I'm rigging a character for a mod being made, I was hoping to get some more insight in the way Creative Assembly rigged and animated their characters. I have a skeleton setup, and some animation setups, but those don't match. For example, the skeleton has a lot of bones in the face area, which I would imagine are used to controll/map the facial animations, that are used for more cinematic scenes etc.
Does anyone know whether CA used motionbuilder, and whether they used the HumanIK system or had a custom-rig setup that also allowed mocap?
Also, I found that MoBu enjoys the t-pose, but the skeleton setup has a relaxed pose (arms halfway up to t-pose).

If anyone knows something or has a source where I can find more on this, I would really appreciate it.


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