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User Info RequiredMultiplayer battle crashes

CernunnosCernunnos Registered Users Posts: 11
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v1.0.0 Build 9738.876614 (modded)

Detailed Description:

While it does not happen all the time, when I join a Multiplayer Battle, at the end when it shows the talleys/kills the screen freezes. Which I then have to press ALT+CTRL+DEL which takes me back to Windows where it has a small window that says that Total War: Warhammer has to close down. I had also not enabled any mods and am running Windows 7. Which is updated.

Reproduction Steps:

I either get invited to a game, or I join my friends game

We play the game on the same side against two AI players

While the saved replays are both field battles, I am yet to try siege, to see if they freeze also.

Win or lose the game freezes

As stated above it does not freeze on all battles.

At one of the freezes my friend exited the game earlier. However, the game after and all other battles, where it has frozen, both my friend and myself played through to the end.

Apolgise no screenshot.

Edit: please see attachment for dxdiag. When I first opened dxdiag it had an option of seeing 64-bit dxdiag. I pressed this button and it reloaded.
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