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Are combat tactics from the tabletop game included?

Tyrion1978Tyrion1978 Registered Users Posts: 51
I mean things such as rank depth.


  • Valeli#5924Valeli#5924 Registered Users Posts: 2,132
    edited June 2016
    Not in the same way. Rank depth should have an impact on receiving charges and mass I think, but the game's mechanics are quite distinct from the table top. Standards aren't a thing (in the traditional sense) nor are musicians or march blocking.

    Some mechanics are there (magic), but play entirely differently in order to work in a rapid rts type game.

    The general idea of wanting to flank/rear charge is there. And outnumbering is never a bad thing. But even where the ideas are the same it "plays out" at a completely different speed.

    Don't let that disuade you though. I've had a good deal of fun, and patches should smoooth things out even more over the months and years.
  • Setrus#7519Setrus#7519 Registered Users Posts: 18,845
    Mostly it uses total war tactics.

    If you mean leadership-affecting modifiers in combat, I'll list them, hang on:

    Army losses
    Army losses severe
    Near miss from artillery
    General alive
    General dead
    Enemy controlling the land (when one side has only fliers)
    5 levels of casualties modifiers
    Fighting cavalry
    Within general's aura
    Within inspiring aura
    Losing combat
    Losing combat severely
    Winning combat
    Winning combat comfortably
    Routing enemies
    Routing friends
    Morale shock (like a rear charge, I believe)
    Morale shock, terror
    Exposed flanks
    Secure flanks
    Struck by artillery
    Struck by missiles
    Exhausted, tired and so on
    General fleeing
    Friendly fire
    In fortifications
    On a hill
    Settlement plaza
    Attacked in flank
    Attacked in rear

    I simplified it a bit, didn't want to add every level of effect and things affecting one another too much. :)
    Don't worry.
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