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Total War: Attila Ancient Empires Mod Playlist!

HForHavocHForHavoc Junior MemberKansas City, Missouri, USARegistered Users Posts: 18
Hey there everyone. I'm starting a playlist of my battles & updates for the Ancient Empires Mod with Total War: Attila! The developers want to get this mod out into the spotlight, so be sure to share and spread the word!

This total conversion mod essentially puts Total War: Attila mechanics and graphics into the Rome 2 setting with immersive factions, unit rosters, and eventually a grand campaign.

Today I'll be starting off with the Battle of Heraclea, and be updating this thread as I create more videos.


Thanks for the support guys and be on the lookout for more Ancient Empires action!
Gaming Dad, two kids. Interruptions Expected.


  • NathancarrNathancarr Member Registered Users Posts: 44
    Are these the same guys that came out with The antiquity mod which does the same converts atilla into Rome 2 the mod is awesome I have been having a blast.
  • HForHavocHForHavoc Junior Member Kansas City, Missouri, USARegistered Users Posts: 18
    I don't think so. I was talking to one of the head guys yesterday, and he gave me details about how massive this mod is going to be. So I'm pretty sure they're straight working on just this one.
    Gaming Dad, two kids. Interruptions Expected.
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