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Wakes Realism Mod

WakelessrexWakelessrex Junior MemberPosts: 45Registered Users
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photo Wakes preview pic_zpsmoddoh9k.png

A mod aimed at making the game more 'realistic' and enjoyable for those players who dont like to continueing trend towards arcade style play.
Also attempts to keep lore as a foundation for changes.


What to expect.

* a completely new magic system wherein the spells themselves do much more damage or are much more devestating but also have a much higher chance of killing the caster should they not be powerful enough to attempt the spell. Variation in damages for some spells such as spirit leech.

A skill tree amongst spellcasters where they can become more powerful and thus attempt larger spells safely and also accumulate more magic. Mannfred and gelt have the highest access to this chain and thus are the most powerful caster in game currently.

* A complete revamp of the combat system, expect battles to last anywhere from 20 minutes to an hour based on tactics and force compositions.

* all ranged weaponry has been adjusted. Guns are slow firing AP death dealers that can really take down large monsters and armoured units (only front 2 ranks firing now)

* bows are fast firing but low ap, good for lightly armoured mass infantry. Longbows have great range and some ap. Crossbow short range and medium ap.

* all monstrous creatures have been adjusted. Generally buffed. Dragons are now truly frieghtening and without elite units supporting your army when fighting them there is little hope. (New dragon breath attacks for both in game varieties of dragon)

* all LL have been adjusted heavily and most importantly ever piece of LL gear has been adjusted. Now Archaon is the single most powerful character in game with all of his LL gear. Etc.

* all heros have been heavily adjusted to more realistic values. Human heros arent particularly strong in comparison to other humans now and are no match for vampires who are amazingly strong and destructive.

* vampires and undead are now immune to fatigue. Vampires regen health and are no very very lowerful melee combatants.

* undead actually act like undead now. Zombies shamble at incredibally low speeds do little damage but are tanky. Skeletons shuffle slower than humans walk and arent as good as them man for man but are much less expensive to buy and maintain.

* a host of new units. Blood Dragons, dragon slayers, vampire counts levies, black orcs with shields, warriors of chaos of specific gods, knoghts of the blazing sun. To name a few. (Check main page for full list)

* no longer do all heros have AOE attacks instead heros/lords with great mass or that are huge recieve these attacks while things like humans can now only attack one person/thing at a time. Greatly reduced hitpoints among foot generals/heros.

*several campaign adjustments. Empire soldiers AOR system. Archaon has immunitty to horde infighting and gives it to his region he is in. Buildings overhaul, etc

* the starting phase of a complete orc campaign revamp where there economy will be entirely looting and raiding based and where all orcs and factions with ircs have a heavy diplomatic penalty (this encourages heavy aggression from orcs/players and ensures constant conflict among them)
Build the new boss tent chain (not easy to do) a few times to recieve status amongst orcs as powerful and thus recieve diplomatic buffs with other orcs. Eventually in this way build to the global waaagh

* formed attack for the more organized units (mostly human/dwarfs) and loose formation for most units in game.
Look for pike wall and shield wall in a soon future update.

* a host of other features that are being updated constantly

I would like to clarify that this is still a WIP and will change greatly going forward. We update regularly and with large changes to existing mechanics. Please see our changelog on steam for examples.

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