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Patch 1 Balancing Update

CA_AtoCA_Ato The Creative AssemblyRegistered Users, Moderators, CA Staff Mods, CA Staff Posts: 700
As mentioned here, we've changed some unit stats around a bit.

In addition to the unit specific changes, there have been some broader changes too, which I've included below.
This is just the first step of course and we know there will be more to do. Looking forward to hearing your feedback.

Kind regards, Ato

General Changes
  • Fatigue tweaks to prolong combat, reduce penalty for missile fire.
  • Minor Melee Defence increase for many units to prolong combat.
  • Lower experience thresholds to speed up XP gain of units in campaign.
  • Minor reduction in speed of heavy infantry (some exclusions, e.g. Chaos Infantry).
  • Minor increase in heavy cavalry mass to improve pulling out of melee.
  • Minor acceleration increase for all chariots to improve pulling out of melee.
  • Stronger impact forces on Cannons.
  • Flying units turn speeds increased.
  • Splash attack forces tweaked.


Grail Knights: +Hitpoints, + Charge Bonus, -Damage, +AP Damage

Louen Leoncoeur on Beaquis: +Melee Attack

Trebuchet: smaller hitbox vs projectiles

Men-At-Arms, Spearmen-At-Arms: –Armour

Chaos Warriors

Chariots: –cost

Chaos Spawn: smaller hitbox vs projectiles

Chosen (all): +Armour

Chosen with Halberd +Bonus vs Large

Dragon: +Armour, +Hitpoints, +Melee Attack

Dragon Ogres: +Melee Defence, +Damage, +Missile Resistance

Forsaken: –Armour, -Melee Attack, -Melee Defence, -Damage, +Speed, +Charge Bonus

Hellcannon: rebalanced projectile properties for greater effectiveness

Knights (all): +Hitpoints, +Melee Defence, +Charge Bonus

Knights with Lances: -Damage, +AP Damage

Marauder Horsemen (all): +Damage, +Reload Speed, +Accuracy

Sigvald now has the Strider ability

Sorcerer Lords: +Damage, +Leadership

Sorcerer Lord with Lore of Death: –Cost

Trolls (all): +Damage

Warhounds: +Speed


Flame Cannon: +Damage, +Range, increased firing angle to allow firing from second row

Gyrocopter, Gyrobomber: +Mass, tweaks to chance of playing hit reaction animation, tweaks to projectiles that result in slight accuracy increase

Irondrakes with Trollhammer Torpedoes: +Damage

Miners with Blasting Charges: –Projectile Damage

Organ Gun: +Penetration (now penetrates Troll-sized enemies too)

Slayers: lower chance of getting knocked down by splash attacks


Empire Knights, Reiksguard: +Charge Bonus

Helblaster Volley Gun: +Penetration (now penetrates cavalry-sized enemies too)

Demigryph Knights: (all) +Cost, +Damage, -AP Damage, -Speed

Griffon: –Speed

Steam Tank: –Speed


Goblin Big Boss: +Damage, +Melee Attack, +Melee Defence, -Cost

Trolls: +Damage, smaller hitbox vs projectiles

Wolf Chariot: +Hitpoints, +Melee Attack, +Charge Bonus

Goblin bow units: –Damage

Forest Goblin Spider Riders (all): –Hitpoints, -AP Damage

Savage Orcs (all): –Leadership, -Melee Attack, -Charge Bonus

Vampire Counts

Banshee now has Terror

Black Coach: +Melee Defence, +Armour, +Attack Speed

Black Knights (all): +Charge Bonus

Cairn Wraiths, Hexwraiths, Banshee: rebalanced for higher Physical Resistance

Crypt Horrors: –Speed, -Damage, -Armour

Terrorgheist: –Speed

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