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[Singleplayer] - Buildings balance suggestion thread

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Here I have a humble list I've been working on for some time that aims to catch all not-very-okayi buildings in the game, both playable factions and AI. Research has been done using a very complicated process involving algebra, thermonuclear physics, coffee and six calculators at once - all powered by hamster wheels. There's also a case of usign common sense, as well as simple lore-related reasoning. No bias. I promise!

List contains all buildings that I've catch as being either quite odd, not okay, or simply broken. Anything that you don't find there is - simply put - a good building. Or one that somehow escaped me.
It'll probably be expanded as new releases come.

Either way, here we go:



Baker's Guild (IV Tier) - There's almost no reason whatsoever to use valuable free slot in main settlement for this, since Dwarfs have access to rather big variance of other good building options that most often require IV Tier slot. +5% casualities replenishment for a 3000$ building is rather meh (but here I gotta admit that most of the food buildings have that problem, providing very marginal replenishment ), growth is rather unecessary addition since if you already have 4th slot, your province is already well developed. Suggested additional bonuses with a slight price rise, such as income bonus (you gotta do something with that amount of bread around...), or possibly army upkeep discount in the region. This would make Bakery rather viable choice for main settlements.

Toolmaker's Workshop/Toolmaker's Guild Hall - Here's more of a lore reason, but still could add to gameplay. Tools made in dwarf guilds are generally not for sale in dwarf holds, but rather are distributed throughout the industries in the hold. Itt would be more lore-friendly if these had a little bit less income generation, but provide industry buffs, such as +% of income generated for the whole province (so building in bulks will payoff in a long term, and generally will encourage players to expand into already partially own provinces) and small discounts to all artillery (or other) units recruitment for higher levels.

(Insert any trade material there) Guild Halls (IV Tier) - Same as Bakery, there's just not much of a reason to use main settlement slot for Tier 4 just to have a few extra tradable pieces of something. To make them competetive with other high-tier buildings suggested are extra bonuses according to material, for instance bonus experience/discount for Quarrelers in case of Wood, or building discounts in case of Marble.

Brightstone Mine - One of very few things that are too good for their cost. 1500$/turn, +10% trade income will pay the cost of 10000$ in no time, and you even get artillery experience level bonus of +6 for some reason. Need either removal of bonus experience, drop of trade income, or price rise.


Ports - They are oversimplified for my taste. Gold don't simply jump on it's own onto the harbour just because the place gets bigger. They should generate less money, but provide bonus to sea trade as higher the tier get. It's pretty logical imho. Same goes for the Dwarfs.
Erengrad variation should get an extra garrison forces instead of same bonus income as the Marienburg, as the lore tells, as well as the gameplay - Norse tribes eat this place like it's nothing. They need to be able to defend it.

Blacksmiths and Armouries - You pay 4000$ for +1 local recruitment capacity, and another 6000$ for futher +1 local, global, and +1 unit experience. It's simply not a good deal. For 10000$ you could build yourself a good army or two, and already train units in battle far above first chevron. Suggested better bonuses implementation.

Altdorf Conclave of Battle Wizards - Simply putting it, the thing costs 10000$, but have exactly the same capability of Wizard's Conclave, which costs 7500$ and can be build everywhere. Same goes for Colleges of Magic - you pay almost 4000 more just for +2 rank boost for wizards in comparison to Wizard Tower. Suggested rank boost for recruited wizards, possibly factionwide.

Middenheim Great Temple of Ulric - A bit overpriced. Cathedral of Sigmar costs 9000$, Ulrics - 15000$. It's not really that great giving the cost of extra 6000 - you gain only +2 starting levels for Witch H. and W. Priest, as well as a bit better reduction of local and adjected provinces corruption (not that it matters with so big value already). However, Cathedral grands you extra slot for two guys above, Ulric don't. Suggested price drop.

Archecclesiatium of Myrmidia - Overpriced as heck. 16000$, 7000$ more than Cathedral of Sigmar. Capabilities simply don't pay up, and the whole building is outclassed by Cathedral of Sigmar in every aspect. Only extra thing that it provides is +5 public order and the extra +1 order factionwide, which is really marginal. You can have Tavern with +6 for 4500$. Either a big price drop or overall rework - possibly bonus to generals/armies, Myrmidia's goddess of strategy and honourable war after all.

Blazing Sun Chapterhouse - Absolute fail as of current. You pay 15000$ for +1 Knights experience level bonus, +4 public order, -3 corruption and 3 units of Knights as a garrison. In contrast, Knights Panther Chapterhouse costs 5000$, gives you +4 Knights experience level bonus, +4 public order, and as well three Knights in garrison. Overall rework needed.

Shrines of Ulric - So, you got unique one that for the first two levels is absolutely useless. They cost exacly the same as Sigmar Shirnes, but Sigmar ones grand +1 Warrior Priest hero capacity for the first level, and Witch Hunter for the second. Ulrics don't. Give them at least the same capabilities.

Shrines of Taal - Almost the same case as above. But there's more to it - it's also completely not lore-friendly. It provides W. Priest for recruitment, even though Taal is a good god of nature and peace (in fact one of his laws is "Do not clad yourself in metal". Talk about the keks.). These shrines should provide much bigger anti-corruption bonus, as well as a boost to public order, but no longer give possibility of recruitment.

Shrines of Myrmidia - Same story as Ulric Shrines.

Miragliano/Kislev - they are way too easy to capture for a major faction capital. Additional garrison units should be a resonable addition to them.


Stompin' Groundz - Too costly. 10000$ just for possibility of one unit recruitment? Maybe that's exactly the reason why AI don't use top monster units (Arachnaroks because of late technology, but their building upgrade is 4500$). Either price drop is needed, or some kind of extra bonuses (don't have any idea for the latter though)

And... that's pretty much it. Buildings for orcs are mostly o-kay. Maybe ports are a little bit too basic.


Charnel Pit/Lychyard/Ossuary - For that amount of souly souls (6000$ for the latter), they should at least provide bonus to replenishment, maybe even some extra monis per turn. Or scratch the whole bonus recruitment capacity, you either raise the dead or use Necromancer's Tower for that. Vampires have too small growth bonus, and having to pay extra for not really needed bonuses just because you don't have other option is not a good thing.

Gibbet/Gallows - For its cost they pay for themselves a bit too slow. Yeah, bonus order is nice, but it still hardly compares to other races buildings of this sort. Either price drop or a slight bonus to income.

Ancient Armoury/Reliquary - almost the same case as Empire Blacksmiths. Paying 4000$ for 1+ something is simply not a good deal. Especially if this +1 is additional rank, which means +1Ld, +1at and +1df. It's just not worth it. Better/more bonuses needed.


Hordes are... basic. I really couldn't find anything.


For now I'll leave it empty, and will wait for official release.


Post your own suggestions and opinions!
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