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Difficulity after patch

MemnonMemnon Senior MemberPosts: 581Registered Users
Im think last patch drop a lot difficulity in campagin.Play on VH as VC 80 turns, on VH as Dwarfs 75 turns, and on VH as Imperium 70 turns.
Game now looks so easy.Before on VH have much more to do-now its really boring.Why CA change this?Too much kids cry is to hard?
This just my opinion and just im have really bud luck so almost no one attack me or this game looks now like this?
RELLY hope im wrong.


  • Rochaid29Rochaid29 Senior Member Posts: 1,373Registered Users

    Anyways.. I haven't noticed such a sharp change on difficulties and I started campaigns from 0 after the patch.
  • Galvanized IronGalvanized Iron Senior Member Posts: 2,058Registered Users
    What has become less difficult?
    |Sith|Lord|Galvanized Iron
  • WalrusWalrus Senior Member BrazilPosts: 1,103Registered Users
    Probably, there is less agent spam.
  • ValeliValeli Senior Member Posts: 1,943Registered Users
    Does less agent spam really make your game less difficult, or just less annoying?

    I firmly believe it's the latter.
  • MemnonMemnon Senior Member Posts: 581Registered Users
    Less agent its good-game more enjoyable.
    But for exc-
    My camp as Dwarfs on VH ver 1.0-on beginnig really hard fight with Bloody Speras.They try def Settlements.After conquer first province they send army to try take back.So i have few good fight before im destroy Bloody Speras.
    Now camp on VH ver 1.1-Have 2 fights with Bloody Speras.Conuqer first proivnce in 5 turns.Wait another 20 turns to make 1 more army.And no one time Bloody Spears send army.Have just this 2 fight and nothing more.So before 40 turns i have 2 province from Bloody Spears and fight with 2 army and rest just with garrison.
    For me game looks more easy now-maybe im wrong and Greenskins destroy Bloody Speras army-and this is reason why not com to me?(Im hope so btw)
    Thats why im ask about opinion someone else.
  • PatriksevePatrikseve Member Posts: 1,682Registered Users
    edited July 2016
    I disagree I have much more wars, Ai attacks on more than one front and my overall VC campaign is harder than before. The Empire one was also a bit harder than it was pre patch. And personally I think the toning down somewhat on agents is a good decision from them.

    What might be the villain in your campaign can be that AI now recieves what is it half xp for every action I think this also applies to lords and generals perhaps if thats the case than that might explain somewat easier campaigns. The options for you though is to wait for further patches or amp up the difficulty.

  • ArdralisArdralis Posts: 198Registered Users
    Ai seems to be building alot more armies since the patch and he's not over extending as much as he did pre patch which seems like a good thing, just confederated Zufbar in my dwaren campaign on Vh at turn 38 and the vampires have about 5 armies in sylvania attacking zufbar and karak kadrin.

    Now to see If I can actually hold Zufbar because the vamps immediatly declared war on me.

  • TubbsdekaTubbsdeka Posts: 145Registered Users
    Hi I started a brand new campaign and am loving the patch. Playing as the empire and every now and then a savage orc army will spawn with an event message. They are at peace to begin with but i always destroy them fast as possible. Adds flavor to the empire campaign so that every now and then you get some greenskin to fight early game. I'm playing on hard, and I believe the difficulty is adequate.

    I also beat an empire campaign on legendary so I do know how hard the game CAN be... I really do think the difficulty is right where it should be. Might even be a bit more difficult with random orc army spawns. Time will tell my friends
  • CanuoveaCanuovea Posts: 13,532Registered Users, Moderators
    Playing Kislev with a mod... and blammo, Savage Orc horde just shows up, sends me panicking.

    It was great.
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  • IchonIchon Senior Member Posts: 4,798Registered Users
    The addition of the Savage Orc hordes was pretty good- I hope with addition of Beastmen that the Norscans are toned down a bit though. Every campaign I've played in the northern part of the map the Norscans are the most frequent enemy.

    Doesn't feel quite right as in the lore Norscans are occasionally raiding into Estalia but 90% of the time focus on Nordland and Kislev and each other. I'd support more Norscan factions + random spawns of Norscan fleets to raid the southern coasts while the income of Norscan cities is reduced as so far I haven't seen a Norscan city that has income less than 1,000 unless they just recolonized a razed settlement. 20 some Norscan cities at 1000 gold +1500 or whatever the current KingsPurse = 10-11 full Norscan armies attacking in waves every 10 turns. That is more armies than any other faction except whoever wins the Badlands in late campaign.
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  • TumbleTumble Posts: 512Registered Users
    Game really isn't hard enough. The only question is how many turns it will take, there's never a real threat of losing
  • Pile_O_GunzPile_O_Gunz Posts: 39Registered Users
    edited July 2016
    say that to the two dwarf stacks assaulting black crag :(
    It's going to take me awhile to beat very hard with Orcs I think difficult enough for me :pensive:
    I think jumping from normal to very hard was a mistake.
  • FikolFikol Junior Member Posts: 67Registered Users
    From my perspective AI got smarter, as a Vampire I had much more difficulty to unite Eastern Sylvania. and when I fought Stirland Zufbar attacked me in the a.. :)
    Team Wood Eves
  • Stormspirit88Stormspirit88 Posts: 107Registered Users
    edited July 2016
    I think whats happening is the AI is a bit smarter or just less predictable.

    For example, before the patch I had multiple dwarf campaigns where the Bloody Spears never did much of anything.

    First game after the patch the Bloody spears wiped out Zufbar and carved out a swath of territory in the north before coming after me while my army was busy trying to wipe out the Greenskins.
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