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Think&Act - Tactical Combat

MrRaTmAnMrRaTmAn Registered Users Posts: 181

I greet you all to Think&Act mod - my humble creation which aim to tweak vanilla battle system by slowing combat and rebalancing some of its rules, providing more tactical feel to the game.
Say goodbye to arcade battles lasting 3 minutes - this mod guarantee more time of play (and to think ) by even 3x, as well as providing changes in game balance for less arcade feel of vanilla battle system. It works well with AI, but was also made with multiplayer in mind, so expect (I hope) competent balancing, which is supported by a small group of game testers.


Overall changes in battle system:

» General morale values overhaul - units are harder to break, and tend to stay in the fight longer.
» Melee hit chance for all units has been lowered, close quarters fights last longer without breaking unit balance.
» All units get tired slighty faster and need more time to properly rest.
» Tired units fight less effective, but their defence stays the same for the most part (in vanilla sole armor value is decreased to 0.65 in point of being exhausted)
» More personalized projectiles (bullets and bolts deal more AP, cannonballs have now bonus vs. large, etc.)
» Armour buff to most of the units in the game.
» Buffed some of the underpowered units for early balancing purpose (Such as Pistoliers or Flame Cannon)

General rebalance in units:
- Line infantry (or infantry with shields if you would rather) got boost in melee defence values, but decreased attack. Main battle line won't break as fast because of that, forcing players to outmaneuver opponents.
- Infantry with great weapons is slighty better at dealing damage, making them slightly more cost-effective compared to their older versions.
- Raged units generally deal more damage per volley, but reload longer. Also slight boost in melee defence, they won't be wiped out in seconds, yet still won't pose any threat to melee orientated units.
- Mounted units are batter at dealing damage in close quarters, but are also more vulnerable to taking damage in such.
- Major boost to most of the artillery pieces in the game (damage, reload rates, range), making them somewhat useful in multiplayer rosters.
- General buff for most of the monster units. They deal more damage, have better charge bonus, bigger chance of hitting, but are more likely to get hit in melee fights. All big units (e.g. Giants, Arachnarok) have now 25% block chance from all small-arms fire.

Just to clear things out, the mod doesn't (and probably won't) change movement speed of any unit , so don't worry about potential lead-boot syndrome


Steam Mod Page


Currently working on:
- Lords, heroes and spells. Further balancing.


Compatibility disclaimer:
This mod operates on files linked only to battle system.
It will work with any mod for campaign, ui, graphic, and else.
It will also work with mods changing rules in siege battles - I don't plan changing anything in them.
It will not work with any other mod that changes battle rules files, such as Radious Mod, or Proper Combat Mod.


New versions are to come, so any feedback, suggestion, and opinions are all appreciated :)
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