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Quick Battle Changes

CA_AtoCA_Ato The Creative AssemblyRegistered Users, Moderators, CA Staff Mods, CA Staff Posts: 700
Hi folks,

Thank you for your feedback on quick battle house rules. There are two common complaints that we’re looking into:

Cheesy builds
You use the term cheesy builds for any army comprised out of just 1 or 2 different units, for example only Wight Kings.
These builds are partially a result of unit balancing inconsistencies and we need to fix those for the entire game, not just quick battles.

Character balancing is more difficult than unit balancing though. We have therefore added a new system that allows us to cap the amount of heroes in a battle. It is currently set to 4, but can be whatever you like.

Last second faction-switch exploit
This exploit sees players switching their selected armies in the last seconds before a battle starts, picking whatever best counters the faction of their opponent.

To remove the exploit, we are considering a reset of the start battle countdown every time a player switches his faction choice.

We welcome your thoughts on these possible changes!

Kind regards, Ato

Replaced blind pick rule in quick battles with new mechanic.
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  • AggonyDuckAggonyDuck Senior Member Registered Users, Smiley Posts: 3,641
    It seems like a fairly minimalistic change to quick battles and multiplayer battles in general. For the hero cap, it sounds like a reasonable change, although I would have liked to see caps to "rare" units for each faction.

    For the last second faction-switch change of hidden factions, would it be possible to have that as a match setup option for regular multiplayer battles as well? E.g. when host is the process of creating a battle, he could toggle it on/off in the same window as selecting game name and password. That way we could host blindpick tournaments and make productive use of such a feature.
  • CA_AtoCA_Ato The Creative Assembly Registered Users, Moderators, CA Staff Mods, CA Staff Posts: 700
    Blind pick rule: Sounds like a good addition to custom battles, will pass it on.

    Caps for rare units: We can currently only cap specific units for both custom and quick battles. We will consider separating the two should this prove necessary.

    Cheers, A
  • RTKAbuRTKAbu Senior Member Registered Users Posts: 1,455
    edited July 2016
    The reason you have a timer is to quickly start a battle. If you are able to stall a battle for ages i would not consider it quick battles anymore. I prefer blind picks as it requires balanced builds and not specific counter builds. Anyway, this solution to reset a timer everytime you reset is against the whole idea of a quick battle, and thus not the best solution....

    A better solution would be to give everyone 1 option to switch factions.
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