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Speculations over Bretonnian faction

MadmartiganMadmartigan Registered Users Posts: 4
I have been wondering what kind of special mechanics the Bretonnian faction could have. This is just a guess, but I am assuming that the future free race LC will be the Bretonnians since they already have a NPC faction with specific units, heros and lords that is playable in multiplayer. If this is the case, it might be too late for anything I say to be implemented, but I thought I might as well do some speculations.

I am not a Bretonnian hardcore fan, so maybe someone with more knowledge of their background will have better ideas than me but this is what I have come with for now...

1/ Prestige mechanic

Bretonnians are very sensible to honour and prestige (see 3/ Federation of Bretonnian factions mechanic). Therefore, maybe they should have some general "prestige" score, represented by a bar somewhere on screen. This score could synergise and serve as a trigger for some other Bretonnian faction mechanics, but that would require a very careful balancing to avoid both a situation where it becomes nearly impossible to win prestige and a situation where a player would be awarded so much prestige rapidly that the faction mechanics become dull.

General ideas concerning the mechanics,
  • Some kind of turn cap for prestige gain and loss might be necessary.
  • Maybe the prestige score could be tied to lords, so your prestige would be that of your most prestigious lord, i.e. the one that has made the most prestigious deeds. If you lose your lord, your prestige immediately reverts to the score of your second most prestigious lord.
  • Your kingdom could have a prestige score, deriving from buildings (or maybe just top tier or some special feature with some buildings). This score would be added to the prestige of your most prestigious lord to equal to the total prestige of your faction.
  • Prestige might be a mechanic that grant some kind of faction bonus, like +xp for some units at recrtuitment, +public order or maybe unlocking some buildings or some part of the tech tree (If you loose too much prestige, you would loose the ability to do research).

You could gain prestige from,
  • Winning non-ambush battles. You would gain far more prestige if the game recognise that you are at a disadvantage. The game would award only a symbolic number of prestige points for easy victories.
  • Completing quests (see 2/Quest mechanic) or missions.
  • Building certain buildings that upgrade your score.
  • Constructing noble units (i.e. knights of all sorts).

You could loose prestige from,
  • Winning or loosing an ambush battle (worse loss of prestige if you lost, because your are both dishonourable and weak).
  • Loosing your most prestigious lord (see above).
  • Loosing an unit (a small amount could be lost for each of your units destroyed in battle or merged with another one to form a new unit, because if your people die, then you are a bad leader).
  • Failing to fulfil a "don contraignant" (cf. 3/ Federation of Bretonnian factions mechanic).
  • Performing an assassination (that's cowardly... but there could be some kind of "duel" mechanic that would be far more Bretonnian-like than assassination, even if it would perform pretty much like assassination in term of game mechanics... the "duel" action could have a little less likeliness to work and a higher chance of having your agent wounded, as an incentive to use assassination despite the loss of prestige).

Anyway "breach city walls with a hero" should not make you loose prestige as Bretonnians will need them to enter cities with their mounted knights, which constitute most if not all of their elite forces, and can't dismount at will unlike some other total war.

2/ Quest mechanic.

If anything, Bretonnians are nuts about quests. Some knights spend all their life riding from town to town, slaying evildoers and monsters while looking for the Grail. Therefore a quest mechanic might have been implemented. Quests could consist in some battles, or map actions (not assassinations... but duels would be acceptable for heros I guess). Unfortunately, that would ressemble closely the Grudge mechanics for the Dwarves and the general missions mechanics.

The question would be why are they attributed ? So I thought it might be cool to use this mechanic to recruit heros. It seems obvious to me that Bretonnian heros would only join someone that has proved to be worthy, in battle or with heroic deeds. So the reward would be a hero for free or at a very reduced recruiting cost (you still get to pay his upkeep). That would be the only way to get a new hero (except maybe one free hero in early game, to help you start). After the end of the quest, you get some sort of "hero token", that you can exchange for the hero of your choice in the hero recruitment screen. Maybe the token would pay for only one type of hero (the token you would get for a Lady related quest could only pay for a damoiselle for example). The advantage of the token system is that your could delay recruitment idenfinitely, if you don't want to pay the upkeep for a new hero, or that you want to wait for some boost to the level of the recruited hero or even if you don't like the traits of currently available heroes.

3/ Federation of Bretonnian factions mechanic.

I may be wrong here, but I believe the Bretons are a feudal society, with a relatively strong centralised power (at least stronger than the Empire). But a Bretonnia divided between rival Duchies could be plausible, if one consider that Bretonnian nobles are especially concerned with righteousness and prestige. That might be somewhat contradictory with the fluff, but let's not forget this is a "what if" kind of game, where we are exploring many different scenarios.

So considering everyone owes obediance to King Louen, the Dukes might not openly rebel (i.e. attack the main Bretonnian faction), but just refuse orders from the king by using some "honorable" excuses, like "I would obey but my neighbour, the duke of XXX has raised an army and his men patrol the lands neighbouring mine, clairly displaying their intent to invade if given the opportunity. I cannot leave my people to go to war on foreign land when they are in such peril." or "I have obeyed your majesty, but on their way the noble lord leading my men to your lands to answer your summon has been visited in his dreams by the Lady, which ordered that they should all go on a pilgrimage for now. Surely we will be able to obey your orders as soon as the Lady has been satisfied" (you would get some excuse like that when you propose federation on the diplomatic screen to a faction that does not yet deem you worthy).

First they would require to have a certain prestige to even consider the possibility of federating (cf. 1/ Prestige mechanic). Besides, they might be willing to federate with the main Bretonnian faction only if King Louen grant them a favour. The plus here is that the "don contraignant" is a recurring motive in french medieval litterature (I don't know the exact english translation, sorry). The concept is simple, someone asks from a noble a favour, while the noble does not know what he will have to do or give away before accepting to grant it. If the noble can't or won't accomplish what is asked of him, his mightiness and right to rule would be considered lessened. This would therefore lessen the prestige of the king if he failed to fulfill the demand (see 1/ Prestige mechanic). There could be a limited time for performing the deed, much like the general mission mechanics, although that might proove frustrating if the demand is impossible to fulfill. This could be a violent or non-violent demand.

Examples of violent "don contraignant",
  • Defeat my arch-ennemy in battle. Could be a quest battle or a mission to defeat another faction in battle (Bretonnian or another neighbouring faction). To be fulfiled it might require that the general of the ennemy would be killed or maimed during the battle (if he flees, it would mean a failure, but it might prove frustrating as lords can be hard to kill and difficult to pursue when they flee).
  • Find the lost relic. This would probably mean fighting a quest battle, or a specific army on the map. As a plus you could keep the magical object you were supposed to find (after all, the faction just joined with you, right ?).
  • Join a war with an ennemy faction.
  • Have one of your hero defeat a certain ennemy hero in a duel (not an assassination, cf. 1/Prestige mechanic).
Examples of non-violent "don contraignant",
  • Have X number of holy buildings of Tier Y in your lands.
  • Prove your might by having a certain sum in gold in your coffers at the end of a turn.
  • Establish diplomatic links with an undiscovered faction.
  • Obtain exotic goods. Obtain a certain foreign ressource by trade.
  • Attain a certain rank with a lord or a hero (difficult to fulfill quickly).

That's all folks.

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