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Luminark of Hysh One shot kill? whhaaaat...

R0ck_0nR0ck_0n Junior MemberRegistered Users Posts: 130
So i was just playing a casual match as greenskins vs Empire. decided to try that normal goblin shaman on wolf as a lord for fun.
And not even 20 seconds into the game, BOOM! the Luminark instantly kills him at full HP... hahaha it was hilarious and we were both LOLing.

But on a SLIGHTLY more serious note, this shouldn't be the case. Now i understand that my shaman is the most low tier lord unit but it is just bull**** if it has the potential to deal this kind of dmg to ANY lord( yes I understand you paid a high price for it).

It just destroys any kind of motivation to even try an army with the lesser lords since I see Luminark more than half the time I fight with empire now.


  • SwightSwight Registered Users Posts: 7
    With a perfect hit I shotted von carstein once I still have that replay as proof
  • GuerrilleroGuerrillero Senior Member EstaliaRegistered Users Posts: 543
    Forth thread about the same thing -.-
    Malekith is the true Phoenix King and Wood elves can suck my Widow-maker

  • Galvanized IronGalvanized Iron Senior Member Registered Users Posts: 2,058
    edited July 2016
    Supposedly it sometimes deals more damage than it should. It is a bug. Try hitting it with gaze of mork, you should be able to one shot it back.

    I mean next game of course. When you see it glowing it is preparing a shot, that's when you should start to strafe. After that you should have enough time to hit it back hard.

    Or since you got the cheapest lord you may just keep him back. You still benefit from his nana drain effect. Even if enemy got a flying sniper team a goblin on a wolf is quick enough to outrun them and if there is a forest you can just hide there.

    Point is that there are many options available.

    Don't get me wrong, I like the luminarchs current implementation about as much as I like ebola, but it is a double edged sword that also harms the one using it.
    |Sith|Lord|Galvanized Iron
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