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Troll Country

ThorneThorne Registered Users Posts: 49
From everything I've gathered from the lore Troll Country is a rather large region separating (and buffering) Kislev from Norsca while disgorging plenty of threats of it's own hostile to both sides. It seems odd that aside from some attrition causing swamps (and a Dwarf mission in the area) it functions as a normal part of human settled lands. Azhag the Slaughterer is supposed to come originally from this area (though I understand locating him in the normal Greenskin starting position), yet as things stand the Greenskins have no presence that I've seen at all.

As it is Kislev usually gets largely destroyed by Norsan factions even before Chaos shows up (though in my own games I installed a mod to reduce how quickly they build armies). I don't pretend to have a perfect solution, but making Troll Country a dangerous region not owned by either of those sides might shield Kislev a bit from that side while making the strategic map a little more lore friendly.

There are quite a few other remote areas which probably should not function as parts of provinces, but Troll Country seems the most obvious and changing it would have larger implications.
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  • TheShiroOfDaltonTheShiroOfDalton Registered Users Posts: 34,001
    I thought you were talking about this forum at first.

    I also don't think adding another hostile to humanity faction in that region will help Kislev much.
  • MerciiMercii Registered Users Posts: 946
    edited July 2016
    Interesting suggestion Thorne.

    I feel like the Norscan factions( and Chaos) do come down the eastern side a bit too much.

    It would be nice if the Norscans, especially Skaeling would attack the wasteland, Nordland and even Brettonia a bit more.

    It's probably a pretty fine balance as it is and if their focus was any more westward it could just result in Nordland, Marienburg and Middenland being destroyed every game instead of Kislev.

    I would like it if it changed from game to game though, so in one game the main push is through Kislev, in another game they hit Marienburg hard etc.

    A greenskin tribe in troll country might help, maybe (possibly defensive AI, very hostile to Norscans?)

    Another option might be just a script that made the norscans choose a random war target at start of game, or a different one every 20 turns or so (out of Kislv, ostland, Nordland, Marienburg and Bret) just to give early/mid game a bit more variety.

    I find it kind of annoying that Chaos and Norsca always go down the right side in my games, even if I am holding Ostermark with an overwhelming force.
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