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More Greenskins heroes and Lords please

WudgluWudglu MemberDa BadlandsRegistered Users Posts: 395
Aight ya gits wissen up 'ere. Oi'm da big git 'ere so I gets ta tawk.
I'm gunna tell ya dis. I like ta krump fings, but oi especially likez ta krump fings when dere's a guud lad next to me. 'n oi'm no' tawkin' about wun of dem scraggy gobbo scrogs, nah! Dems busy skulkin' at da flanks while oi' and da ladz be smashin. Ok. Oi'ms tawkin' about anudda' boss. A big 'un-big'un dat can back me up. Ok.

We needz dat. Gork sez it, you do it.

Oi' dun' really care who' 'e looks like, aslong as 'e can WAAAGH! like a proppa lad. 'e can be wun of dem painted savage boyz, regula' greenie or 'ell, even wun of dem Black Orcs (even if dem boyz like ta' smack us greenies about). Ok.

Mork sez it, you do it.

An' oi'. Why ain't there a Gobbo big boss or Hobgobbo big boss to lead a little WAAAGH!. Oi' wudd raffa' hef wun of da boyz but a Gobob kudd do et. Ok.

Praize Gork.


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