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Will u guys CA rework on the animation?

SyranSyran Junior MemberChina SichuanRegistered Users Posts: 11
That's all I ask...again.Brutality execute movement will be the key to the battle fighting.


  • buddhistberserkerbuddhistberserker Registered Users Posts: 51
    Im guessing you'r asking for matched combat animations? Not gonna happen, too much unit variety, giants, spiders, orcs, and now beastmen. Every unit having matched combat adds exponentially more animations so the non-matches system is probably here to stay.
  • MrRaTmAnMrRaTmAn Registered Users Posts: 181
    Yep. There's simply no reason for them to add it, especially at this point. Way too much resources would have to be spent, and the cost will grow exponentially as more factions come out.

    But to be honest, it was good decision to not include them. Matched combat anims make a mess out of actual game balance.
    ca pls fix
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