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Terry not working.

Sulieman the MagnficentSulieman the Magnficent Senior MemberPosts: 1,851Registered Users
edited July 2016 in Assembly Kit

I tested Terry, and so far its not been working. Yes there was an 8.8 gb update, but Terry does not work.

This makes it impossible for modders to convert their cities on the campaign map.

Please help the modders on AE, LOTR, and Medieval Kingdoms.
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  • Angor454Angor454 Posts: 9Registered Users
    Noone knows why nobody fix this Problem and. Noone remember that becouse noone want to edit the map.
    Bad but it is so.
    I wish too that they fix but CA is maybe so bad that they don't bring out an Patch :( :'(
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