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Outrageous price for DLC

LoubidoLoubido Registered Users Posts: 64
I know you guys are trying to capture the spirit of Warhammer in this game but that doesn't mean it has to be a rip off like the tabletop. I paid £39.99 for the full game with 5 factions when I pre-ordered. Now you expect me to pay £13.99, more than a third of the price of the full game, for 1 minor faction and a few bits of fluff, this is unacceptable. By the time all 12 factions ( including Bretonnia that's promised as FLC) that you guys have promised are released to get the 'full' game will cost £126 assuming you don't raise the price on the following DLC's. Your pricing team need to take a long, hard look at themselves in the mirror and think about if what you are doing is right. I love this game and have clocked up over 350 hours since release but I will not be coerced into spending a small fortune for a complete game. You have just lost a previously loyal customer, well done


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