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Moving as one + keep formation

Tyrion1978Tyrion1978 Registered Users Posts: 51

Is there a key shortcut to have your selection march forward while maintaining their formation?

I mean, if there's multiple lines, they keep their lines and general positions within those lines ...


  • Nyanko73Nyanko73 Registered Users Posts: 1,355
    You have to group them and lock. They will keep their formation and the pace of the slowest unit unless they are flyers.

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  • TheShiroOfDaltonTheShiroOfDalton Registered Users Posts: 34,001
    Either alt+movement order or ctrl-g.
  • Coveredfires#8810Coveredfires#8810 Registered Users Posts: 1,138
    Select all of the units and use the Up arrow.
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  • EaglePhoenixEaglePhoenix Registered Users Posts: 1,270
    As per above, select the units and lock-group them (ctrl-G). You can then move them with the alt+click&drag order and or hold ctrl to pivot them.

    Don't use "J" (face other direction) on multiple units/grouped units.

    You cannot move multiple locked-groups by doing this, though as it will mess up everything again. Just group them all and move all at once, or move each group independently.
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