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User Info RequiredTotal War: Warhammer no longer launches on Steam

PhoeniceanPhoenicean Registered Users Posts: 1
edited July 2016 in Crashes
Hi, I installed Total War: Warhammer roughly a week ago, and it had been working fine. 3 or 4 days ago it stopped working after (I think) I updated Steam. I am on Windows 10 but don't think I've changed any settings in the last few days that could have caused this.

I click on 'Play" and it says "Preparing to launch Total War: Warhammer" but then the small grey box that was saying this disappears and nothing happens.

I have tried the following, and would appreciate any further suggestions:

- uninstalling and re-installing
- verifying in game cache
- running as administrator through C: drive (under steamapps, common, Total War WARHAMMER)
- waiting for ages to see if anything eventually happens

As Manfred I'd just taken down Archaon so I'm very keen to get back to my undead conquests! Apologies that this appears to be a repost, I've searched through this forum and haven't found any solutions yet that have helped to fix my problem.
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  • Matthias CAMatthias CA Registered Users Posts: 2,580
    Hi Phoenicean,

    I am sorry to read that you are unable to play the game anymore.

    We have done a hotfix to patch 1 recently (15.07.2016) so this might have caused your issue maybe?

    You can roll back to patch 1 pre-fix by following this sticky thread. Bear in mind you are looking for "Patch1" and not "dayzero" as this last one will not enable you to play with the "BLOOD FOR THE BLOOD GOD" DLC, nor have the latest fixes we implemented with patch 1.

    In any case I would be interested in looking into your issue further. Could you please provide the following files before rolling back to any previous patch please?

    - Your DxDiag file
    - Your preference.script file
    - Your modified.log file
    - And if you can find any, your mini dump file

    Also you can try this FAQ as it has general solutions for the issue you describe. (For the parts you haven't done yet - verifying game cache however can help once everything is done.)

    Please keep us updated as knowing what works for one player helps us knowing what might work for others. :)


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