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Idea For Bretonnian Knight Ranking System in Bretonnia Campaign

ManbreadVonBrickovenManbreadVonBrickoven Registered Users Posts: 17

To start off, we all know that while Bretonnia does not yet have a campaign, one may be added later to them game if and when Bretonnia gets an update.

Even with an update however, I believe Bretonnia's campaign may be quite bland, as Bretonnia has a very small unit roster compared to the other factions. And while I strongly believe some new units should be created, that may never happen.

So what I propose is a ranking system for Bretonnian Knights to make the campaign a bit more fun.

How this would essentially work is like this:

You can hire Knights of all caliber from Errant to Grail, but on the other hand, Knights can rank up with experience and be promoted up one level. For example, once a unit of Knight Errant's have been through a certain number of battles, and killed a certain number of units, they can upgrade to Knights of the Realm. And once Knights of the Realm have seen enough combat, they can upgrade to Questing Knights.

Not only do I think this would make the campaign a bit more unique and fun, but it would also make more sense according to lore, as Knights Errant do not stay as Errants for their entire lives, once they are deemed worthy they are promoted to Knights of the Realm.

I also believe this would give the Bretonnian Campaign a very Knightly focus which makes sense due to Bretonnia's Chivalrous society.

Another idea that relates to this ranking system is an idea I had for acquiring Grail Knights. According to lore, Grail Knights become Grail Knights by first being Questing Knights and going on a quest, and once deemed worthy, are granted a drink from the Grail by the Lady of the Lake.

So I had an idea that in order to obtain Grail Knights, you must go through a process that goes like this:

1. Obtain a unit of Questing Knights

2. Select a quest for them to go on. (And for the quest aspect, I believe there should be a chart with a variety of quests to choose from, some of these quests might take longer or require more money depending on the number of Knights you send.)

3. Send the Knights on the quest. (And once sent on the quest, these Knights would be unavailable until the time for the quest finishes and the Knights return.)

4. Once the Knights return, they will be Grail Knights and will be a lot more powerful.

On a final note, I believe CA could add to this by making Bretonnian Knights a lot more powerful in order to make this a bit more entertaining, and to balance out the game as currently Bretonnian Knights are quite unimpressive.

I am curious however what you guys think?

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