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I need some help with my mod.

AaronOreganAaronOregan Junior MemberRegistered Users Posts: 12
edited July 2016 in Community Mods
So i have a mod i made that removes merc onagers/barbarian artillery from the game. However the only way i could get it to work is if i edit the merc stats in a startpose file. When i added the file all content from the Slavic nations dlc disappeared. I have all dlc and all of it shows up except for the Slavic nations dlc. My mod is called no barbarian artillery/crossbows. I have no idea why all content from that dlc won't show up when that startpose file is in my mod. Any suggestions on what i should do? I did try alternative solutions from editing the stats in the data files to no avail and even deleting the merc units from the data files which followed in instant crashes to desktop.

This is the mod http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=542260344
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