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Ideas for post invasion chaos tribes

cool_ladcool_lad Senior MemberIndiaRegistered Users Posts: 2,278
edited July 2016 in General Discussion
One of the more significant annoyances in game are perhaps the Chaos tribes after the invasion (Varg and Skaeling). Even after Chaos is defeated they continue to send full stacks against the world. And with their own homeland being so hard to enter, it makes them a major annoyance in the late game.

My idea to deal with them is to give them major diplomacy penalties with each other after the invasion ends, along with major public order penalties to all regions save their original home regions. This would also be somewhat lore friendly; showing the fracturing and infighting of the tribes after the unifying force of chaos undivided is gone.

This way, we'd still have the occasional raid, but the late game focus could then shift to the other large factions.

What are your ideas?


  • ShogokiKoaShogokiKoa Registered Users Posts: 91
    The problem is that it would make the endgame too easy, which it already is since you usually got a crazy powerful empire.

    What would be quite interesting in my opinion is if they abandonned the north, all of them, to bumrush and lay waste to the south (I don't know how to explain that lorewise, maybe being butthurt by the death of Archaon?). That would keep the hard battles, and remove the annoying cleaning up part.
  • cool_ladcool_lad Senior Member IndiaRegistered Users Posts: 2,278
    The idea is that the Chaos tribes fracture and keep fighting each other. There could still be the occasional raid or attack, but the unifying force driving them is gone .

    As for the end-game; the real problem there seems to be the bad AI recruitment.
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