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User Info RequiredZombie dragon dive free damage exploit/bug

KurtaliciousKurtalicious Registered Users Posts: 206
edited September 2016 in Multiplayer Bugs
I had an unpleasant experience today where a player used Mannfred on a zombie dragon and did what I consider an exploit/bug.

The player was doing free damage to ground units without the opportunity for retaliation attacks. He had killed 2-3 units and charges/damage routed a couple others.

The player would attack a unit with the zombie dragon and right before it hits the ground he would fly away. On the dive the zombie dragon would hit the unit with his feet, the unit would take damage and the zombie dragon would then fly away without taking damage because it never goes into melee or touches the ground.

I then tested it for myself and it's extremely easy to execute. With practice using this exploit Mannfred can literally kill ANY AND ALL ground units without taking damage. It's much like Louen and his regen at the end of a game and using cycle charges to kill all the remaining units. But, this is worse because the Mannfred doesn't actually take any damage.

Please CA fix this with the next patch. If you need a video of the exploit I can provide you with one.
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  • Riggsen#6588Riggsen#6588 Member Registered Users Posts: 2,616
    Louen can do this as well, only better.
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  • busa27busa27 Senior Member Registered Users Posts: 1,744
    Riggsen said:

    Louen can do this as well, only better.


    Welcome to the Louen Haters club. I'm a member too.
  • concmapconcmap Registered Users Posts: 255
    Crazy i did not know this.. i always take leoun on horse.. i'm surprised i haven't seen anyone in game doing this
  • KurtaliciousKurtalicious Registered Users Posts: 206
    I thought louen and karl had to land to do the damage.
  • KurtaliciousKurtalicious Registered Users Posts: 206
    Does anyone know if CA is aware of this issue? Have you see them say they are working on fixing it?
  • busa27busa27 Senior Member Registered Users Posts: 1,744
    I think not. We didn't report this issue until few days ago, so I think we will have to wait to patch 3.
  • Kayosiv#7489Kayosiv#7489 Senior Member Kirkland WA. USARegistered Users Posts: 2,850
    I would put this in the bug forum.
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  • dge1dge1 Moderator Arkansas, USARegistered Users, Moderators, Knights Posts: 23,793
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  • TWR_Ghost_DogTWR_Ghost_Dog Junior Member Registered Users Posts: 128
    I did not know about this but had this happen yesterday vs. VCs. The guy has 2 Deathstar blobs but I was confused about why he had a Z. Dragon for Manfred. Just checked the reply and now I know why.

    Double cheese for my poor old orcs :smile:
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  • Matthias CAMatthias CA Administrator UKRegistered Users Posts: 2,580
    Hi guys,

    Is this issue still ongoing?

    If it is could anyone send us a replay? (To post a replay please follow this link.)


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  • KurtaliciousKurtalicious Registered Users Posts: 206

    Hi guys,

    Is this issue still ongoing?

    If it is could anyone send us a replay? (To post a replay please follow this link.)


    I went to go test Nagashs damage to verify a comment that @CA_Duck had made. Then I ran into a bug. Watch as I'm about to cast Nagash I trigger Master of the Black Arts and Nagash cancels. I get refunded the mana cost but the spell goes on cooldown. CA pls...

    After that I said "huh I wonder if I can still cycle charge and do damage without touching the ground." Sure as schnikes you still can...CA pls!

    Why does this still exist after I and many others had brought it up and confirmed it almost 18 months ago...? REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

    The list of bugs in this game I can find is so enormous. I can barely play a single match without running into something. That's a true and honest statement. I mean that with the utmost sincerity. It makes me wonder does CA even plays their own game on a regular basis?

    TLDR: Here's your replay and watch for the Nagash/Master of the black arts cancel spell go on cooldown refund mana.


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