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Greenskins and Greenskin Waaagh is op

DoluaDolua Registered Users Posts: 6
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OK so I have played mostly as Vampire Counts, Chaos, and dwarfs. so every time I play as one of those factions I am on around turn 30-50 and I get the notification that the main Dwarven faction has been destroyed. And if I am playing as Vampire Counts, or Empire I end up being Double teamed by The Orcs and Chaos. Chaos is a big problem but now I have to face Greenskin also. When this happens I get attacked by at least 6-8 army's with at least 1-2 green skin waaagh attached to each. So I end up having to defend defend at minnum against 12 Greenskin and Greenskin Waaagh army's then including Chaos I end up getting **** up with either getting entirely destroyed or defeating Chaos with only a few Provence left just to have another all out war with the Greenskins who did not get touched by Chaos due to them not getting past me.

Another thing I have a problem with is the auto resolve with the green skins, I can have a 4v4 match with the green skins. And each army of my army s could have the best units and the Greenskin only has goblin archers and really cheap cavalry but it still says that I am going to lose 10 to 1. Also the auto resolve for the other factions works fine it's nice and even I am only having that problem with the Orks.
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  • DoluaDolua Registered Users Posts: 6
    Another issue I forgot to add is the Greenskins Confederation habit. This one is mainly tword people who also play Dwarfs. When I play as Dwarfs I always try to destroy the Greenskins as soon as possible, and so I spend the first 10-20 turns trying to wipe about the Greenskins. But 90% of the time when the Greenskins have one settlement left and are currently the weakest faction bam they Confederate with bigger ork faction. so I end up having to spend half the game trying to take out the Greenskins but everytime they are almost destroyed bam another Confederation.
  • Itharus#3127Itharus#3127 Registered Users Posts: 16,568
    The confederations happen when you're conquering the empire, too. It is irksome, lol.

    The waaagh! armies are at least low-tier stuff. Mostly goblins and orc boyz, sometimes a couple savage units. If you're really lucky you'll get some boar boyz. I use Waaagh!s as fodder or to raze poorly defended settlements that I can't colonize and aren't worth enough to entice me to sack with a real army.

    When fighting orcs, be sure to have enough firepower - they break easy (they don't seem to have a "mob up" rule) when being shot at.
  • DoluaDolua Registered Users Posts: 6
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  • Seswatha#7633Seswatha#7633 Registered Users Posts: 4,828
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    Dwarves owned the greenskins in most of my legendary campaigns. If you play greenskins yourself waagh is essential for dealing with much higher quality dwaren armies early on.

  • Galvanized IronGalvanized Iron Registered Users Posts: 2,058
    Try to kill their parent army in an underway intercept or a settlement battle. Dissolves the whole army and the Waaagh! Orkz return to Valhalla to feast and slumber.

    Still I agree that Orkz are the greatest AI threat around you leave them alive long enough. But defending against 5hem is not a problem. Only the Dwarves actually need to attack them and will do so long before the Orkz grow powerful.
    |Sith|Lord|Galvanized Iron
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