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So only Beastpath maps for Beastmen ambushes?

ShaddShadd Junior MemberPosts: 373Registered Users
I was looking forward to using the regular ambush maps more often with the Beastmen ambush stance but it appears everytime it will be on one of the new Beastpath maps?

I personally like the regular ambush maps more then the Beastpath maps. It seems strange to have non beastmen armies marching through those environments unless they are seeking out Beastmen. I assumed Beastmen would be attacking along roadsides and from the patches of woods when initiating ambushes and the Beastpath would be when they are defending off attackers. Some variety would have been nice.


  • Rochaid29Rochaid29 Senior Member Posts: 1,279Registered Users
    I got plenty of those maps on regular "beastman ambush" stance
  • LucidInstinctLucidInstinct Posts: 46Registered Users
    I think it may depend on the area you are in.

    Ive only played the mini campaign with them thus far, but I too have only gotten beastpath bushes. This does make sense there, though, as the enemy armies were actively seeking me out.
  • Mojo_AmokMojo_Amok Posts: 210Registered Users
    Yeah, I get Beastpath maps for all my ambushes too.

    As nice as the Beastpath maps are, I'd prefer some regular Ambush maps in there too (I did try out an Ambush Quest battle map with Khazrak which was tremendous).
  • FrontlinerDeltaFrontlinerDelta Senior Member Posts: 3,549Registered Users
    I would also prefer normal ambush maps for Beastmen ambushes. It doesn't make much sense imo, a normal ambush is attacking an unsuspecting enemy who I doubt would be marching through these "paths known only to the beastmen..."
  • ShaddShadd Junior Member Posts: 373Registered Users
    I have just tried the minicampaign so maybe it is limited to beastpath? Rochaid, were you playing in the GC when you got them?
  • OspreyOsprey Posts: 500Registered Users
    I made an ambush in Norsca and got the same map...
  • whatever_whatever_ Junior Member Posts: 411Registered Users
    Osprey said:

    I made an ambush in Norsca and got the same map...

    that is just extremely stupid. i though you get that map only when you are near woods.
  • VastatorVastator Senior Member Posts: 1,423Registered Users
    Osprey said:

    I made an ambush in Norsca and got the same map...

    I haven't played beastmen on gran campaign, but hearing this doesnt make me eager to play them.
    I don't like the fact Beastmen have the same laggy unoptimized maps for every ambush everywhere.
    Wouldn't be better that these maps were only reserved for temperate forest areas (so no snow), while on other regions (far from their homes) would be treated like other factions?
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  • ShaddShadd Junior Member Posts: 373Registered Users
    Well that sucks. I guess I'll have to look for a mod that changes it back.

    I like being able to deploy on both sides, the Beastpath maps look nice but design wise leave a lot to be desired. Deploying along on one side feels more like a bumrush then anything and there isn't even enough room to chase down routing enemies most of the time. As well as just not making sense lorewise to have armies marching through your hidden Beastpaths.

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