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Replacing Beastpath Ambush Maps with Old Ambush Maps.

ShaddShadd Registered Users Posts: 461
Anyone have any idea how one would go about doing this with the mod tools? I would guess it could be as simple as copying a value from another faction with an ambush stance and replacing the value for the Beastmen faction, if anyone has an idea of the relevant tables to check?


  • DeathofjamsDeathofjams Registered Users Posts: 290
    edited August 2016
    I've been trying to do this all day, with little success. There don't appear to be any values in the database that determine which maps are loaded when an ambush is initiated.

    The only work-around I've had any success with is by renaming some of the non-Beastpath quest ambush maps with the same name as the Beastpath ones, but this still limits you to only three maps maximum in the pool, restricts you to custom maps, and will also affect beast-path interceptions (and I currently haven't been able to get the lighting to work, but that's probably fixable).

    I don't think it's attached to the stance; I was able to get it so that the settlement stance also triggered ambushes, and they were still beast-paths. My best guess is that the game is scripted so that if any ambush is triggered with Beastmen as an attacker, it replaces the standard map with one of the three beastpath maps. So fixing it will require changing the scripts, not the database. Unfortunately I'm not very experienced with modding scripts in TW games.

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