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Suggestion to improve the respawning hordes mechanism

NayranNayran Registered Users Posts: 164

I like the idea you came up with to bring back defeated beastmen/savage orcs hordes.
I just have one problem with it. The respawned hordes start with very week units in a period where most factions would have way more powerful units. This renders those newly spawned hordes very week and usually gets defeated 2-3 turns after they respawn.

I suggest progressively giving those hordes better units each time they respawn.
Yes suddenly having this full stack beastmen army filled with minotaurs and bestigors next to your undefended city may sound very unfair.. and may cause you to loose this city or 2 more till you are able to mobilise your defences. That's true and that's how I think it should be... it will make orcs and beastmen more dangerous and fun to fight against and would give the player an extra thing to do when planning his GC strategy.

- give respawned hordes better units each time they respawn
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