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Give More Mod Tools On Attila

Mjavery9Mjavery9 Registered Users Posts: 2
Ok so I'm a big fan of third age total war, and their gonna make the mod also for Attila and not just for Medieval 2. But for the campaign they would make on Attila it wouldn't work cause they can't change the attacking maps, where you fight your battles. And Total War do you know what that means? Its that no one would want that, which means they might change over to Mount and Blade for it, and that's gay, like it should only be a Total War thing. And since u guys love that money, if u allow more mod tools on Attila and they make the mod with the campaign. That means more people will buy the game just for that mod. Meaning more money for u guys, does that not sounds like a fair deal?


  • simonvzsimonvz Registered Users Posts: 140
    Wrong forum?
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  • dge1dge1 Registered Users, Moderators, Knights Posts: 23,917
    Moved to Chat.
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