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ERE occupy subjugate or raze

pinwheelpinwheel Registered Users Posts: 13
Ok so I know a combination of occupy, subjugate and raze is essential to most ATW campaign victories. But as overall strategies for the campaign, which of these is the best way to victory and enjoyment playing with ERE

Occupy most conquered settlements and build your empire as you go.
Subjugate as many states as possible.
Raze it all and rebuild it later.

I mainly ask because I have been trying the second option and all my puppets rebelled at the same time.

(This question could be asked about any factions but I enjoy playing ERE above all).


  • RonBurgundy#6586RonBurgundy#6586 Senior Member Registered Users Posts: 2,355
    You mainly want to stick with Occupy. You raze if you want to fall back whilst denying that land to your enemy. You can't subjugate a bunch of factions at the same time. Subjugated factions can be an invaluable ally but if you allow them the chance, they'll rebel on you.

    What you should do is after subjugating a faction, keep an army in their territory for a while until much of the animosity towards you goes away. This will intimidate them enough to prevent them from rebelling against you. If you have the cash, you can speed up this process by giving them gifts. Soon, you'll be able to move your army away and join wars with them to further cement your alliance.
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  • pinwheelpinwheel Registered Users Posts: 13
    Thanks RonBurgundy. It sounds like puppets actually take quite a lot of time to subdue beyond the initially subjugation. I don't have the resources to spare too many armies or too many gifts but I will use your strategy for the key boarder puppets and not bother making any more.
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