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Alani Horsearchers have an Accuracy Stat of 0? Is that a Thing?

petit_trainpetit_train Junior MemberRegistered Users Posts: 4
Hi all,

I wanted to try out the alan campaign, but apparently their Horsearchers are the most incapable marksmen in the game.
I have the "Don't lie to me, game" mod installed, wich lets me see some Stats that are otherwise hidden in the game. And According to it.., well you read the title.
I considered this might be the mods fault and/or there might not be such a stat as Accuracy in the game, as it isn't in the encyclopedia. But in Battle they actually don't seem to hit anyone. I had 2 units of Horsearchers shoot at a unit of Greuthungian Boat-archers (on land) and each volley killed about one or two of them. Consistently. "Don't" lie to me, game" doesn't touch the stats, and no other mod i have touches the alans, so I thought I'd post it here.

Has anyone else noticed this?
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