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User Info RequiredIssues with multiplayer campaign loading returning CO-OP partner to main menu

Devilspecter#1849Devilspecter#1849 Registered Users Posts: 13
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So I've been absent from my COOP campaign on Legendary (Me as dwarves, him as Empire) with my cousin for like 2 weeks. in the meantime, a new DLC came out and patches happened.
So anyways, we started it up again today (I'm the host). we played a bit, and when he ended his turn, the following happened: Moussillon took back the town Moussilon that he had taken. After this, my cousin was kicked out by a loading screen. When we tried to go into the game again on the same save, the loading screen came to about 1/3 in and the same issue happened.

So what happened afterwards is that I loaded up the other save file that I had, and we played for 2-3 rounds more.
This time i attacked Chaos on my turn and we played the battle manually. After I pressed "End Battle" (After winning), the same thing happened, he was kicked out by a loading screen, and the save got the same problem.

Now my problem is that BOTH of my legendary saves are like this.
Keep in mind, I don't have ANY mods on while playing with him:
(proof): http://puu.sh/qYZlZ/c4488df33a.jpg

1.(BUILD) My Build number: v1.3.0
11281.925331 (modded)

His build number: v1.3.0

4. (SAVE FILES) Mine:

My cousin's files:

Open to any suggestions.

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