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Give spells more "personality"

HorseWithNoNameHorseWithNoName Registered Users Posts: 1,001
As the balancing of spells slowly advances, I would like to talk about another aspect of spells and how to improve them and that is the spells "personality" for lack of a better word. CA has in my opinion quite wisely started off the spell system with spells falling into one of a few categories like maelstrom or explosion (with several exceptions), which is of course much easier to balance than having a slew of vastly different spells right from the get go. But in a game such as TWW where spectacle and interesting game mechanics make up a big part of the fun, I prefer to have each spell be made more unique in its aesthetics and mechanics as development progresses, and surely I am not alone with that opinion.

As I have already read suggestions about how certain spells could be changed to be more unique in terms of aesthetics and mechanics scattered in different threads, I thought I would start a discussion just to share ideas about this subject.
To start with, some of my suggestions:

Final Transmutation:
-change all colors on killed models to gold and disable all animations and ragdoll on it
-give factions with gold as currency a small amount of it after a battle if FT was cast

In addition to damaging mounted units, make them run in a random direction for a small amount of time after being hit (~1sec)


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