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New idea- General hostages

MadSamuraiMadSamurai Registered Users Posts: 259
edited September 2016 in General Discussion
Say you fight a battle and your general runs away. Rather than have him die on the campaign map, lets have him be captured by the enemy. Same deal for prisoners: you can release him, kill him, sell him, or try and convert him.



  • boyfightsboyfights Registered Users Posts: 4,023
    This works will for historical titles, but in warhammer the problem is that most of the factions would just kill the opposing general in the first place haha, none of the factions really get along that well besides humans and dwarfs
    boyfights you are always here to confirmate every spark of originality
    or reason burns or acid bruises anyone,
    stop your gladiator love for agressions.
  • TheShiroOfDaltonTheShiroOfDalton Registered Users Posts: 34,001
    Could work for the Empire. You capture an Elector Count and only release him when he either submits or at the very least strikes treaties with you.
  • DeuzerreDeuzerre Registered Users Posts: 939
    Empire for other imperial, bretonians, dwarves and kislevites
    Bretonnia for other bretonians
    Dwarves for other dwarves

    The other factions in game would jsut kill the other generals outright
  • OrkfaellerOrkfaeller Registered Users Posts: 2,329
    edited September 2016
    How it used to work. And captured Generals were worth a lot of coin.

  • #940261#940261 Registered Users Posts: 1,422
    I would have advocated for Med 2 system, if it didn't throw peasantry and noblemen in the same cup and didn't release them fully armed. Seriously, who would pay ransom for peasants with pitchforks?
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