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Issues with custom battles.

SilverSarahSilverSarah Registered Users Posts: 2

I'm having a rather unusual issue whereby when I start a custom battle, I can't change my faction or select my units I don't see the change faction button or the generals that would normally pop up, I can change the AI's unit selection however and I can also play campaign without a problem. I can also start the battle and it would give me the default amount of men.

Also when I try to switch sides or go back to the main menu using the buttons before initiating the battle it will cause a crash to happen.

Things I have done to try and solve the issues myself:

I have uninstalled the game and deleted the hidden files.
I have tried with and without mods(Darthmod, and currently Napoleonic total war III mod.)
I have also tried verifying the game's cache.

None of the above solutions seem to have worked, I will post a picture of my unit selection screen to demonstrate my issues.


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