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Fix the charge bonus

PrometheusPrometheus Registered Users Posts: 788
The charge bonus should not be perennial and only work when very close and once not constantly otherwise this is what happens.

griffon cavalry , speed 70 can chase and reach my gunners with speed 92 !!!!

the same with the other knights of speed 60 they can reach chasing my gunners of speed 92 !

This must be fixed , ASAP ! its not possible that my gunner cavalry supposingly superfast get reached and chased by 60 speed unit!!!
they activate a charge that is perennial and it makes no sense !


  • ODM_EmptythoughtODM_Emptythought Registered Users Posts: 671
    After shooting even only 3 or 4 times your fast ranged cavs get tired and have huge stat penalties including speed.
    Your screenshot shows a routed outrider which isn't really representative of their speed (when you rout you are way slower and lose a lot of vigour.
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  • PrometheusPrometheus Registered Users Posts: 788
    I could shot the whole match , there is no way that the other cav should not tire chasing and trying to catch my cavalry wich they did almoust imediatly one after the other , this is stupid.

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