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How to use the Vargulf MY OPINION

_Gritthith__Gritthith_ Registered Users Posts: 8
I quite often play the multiplayer TWW so its not so strange to be fighting against the Vamps.Lately i saw a couple of people using the Vargulf,i easily got it down with my Templehof Luminark the first time but the second time it made its way to the front line,and it did extremly bad against my spearman.So i did some testing and found out that the best way to use it is like a chariot unit.Basically swinging it back and forth on some infantry units and it can do quiet ok.Is it cost effective no but it can get some work done if used properly.I hope this is going to help some people if you like it i can post more about other units and strategy.Englisch is not my language but i hope i didnt make many Mistakes dont judge them too cruel.Goodbye. ;)


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