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How to make certain factions weaker in Total war Rome 2?

DontuomasDontuomas Junior MemberRegistered Users Posts: 3
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As I have played as Rome, I have noticed that every time I have played about 20 rounds (conquered Etruscans etc.) some certain factions have already become enormous, even bigger than me. Suebi, Massilia, Arverni and Iceni are ones of those and that really **** me off :D Is there any way to make it so, that other factions would remain pretty small? I mean, in my opinion it's fun to destroy factions one by one when playing as Rome and encountering as many factions as possible. However, usually all the factions are already destroyed by someone before i encounter them. So in few rounds played there are only me and some other big factions remaining. HOW DO I MAKE FACTIONS LESS EXPANSIONISM AND REMAIN SMALL ??? OR HOW DO I MAKE FACTIONS SURVIVE LONGER SO THAT I COULD GET TO DESTROY THEM MYSELF??
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