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Custom Resolution?

kamikaze7100kamikaze7100 Senior MemberPosts: 107Registered Users
edited September 2013 in Total War Eras Support Forum
Hey guys!
is there a way to set a custom rez in thist game?
i have hooked up my pc to a lcd tv and i need a rez of 1202x670. i tried to edit the preferences script but after setting the rez to 1202x670 the game itself is still being displayed at 720.
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  • IscaranIscaran Tech-Hero. Posts: 4,229Registered Users
    edited May 2011
    I suppose such an odd resolution as 1202x670 is not supported directly.

    BUT you can workaround by letting the graphics driver scale to this resolution if you can set it as your desktop resolution and select a lower resolution in game...to not loose image sharpness though you should use "centered timings" (on AMD cards) or advanced timings I think on nVidia cards.

    Also see section about image scaling:

    Mind if I ask why you would need such an strange resolution ?!? Never seen a display sold with that either...so far.


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  • kamikaze7100kamikaze7100 Senior Member Posts: 107Registered Users
    edited May 2011
    Like i said, i'm using a 40inch lcd tv as a monitor and the strange resolution results from resizing the desktop with nvidia control panel. so 1202x670 is my standard desktop rez and i had no problems with most games. even the older total war games had the option to select my desktop rez. so if i run shogun 2 the borders are cut off.
  • IscaranIscaran Tech-Hero. Posts: 4,229Registered Users
    edited May 2011
    Ah ok ....the problem likely is that you do not meet the games minimum resolution in y-direction.

    1024x768 minimum screen resolution (see the min reqs.)

    So the lowest screen resolution STW2 provides is 1024x768 - since your 670 resolution is lower than that neither the game nor the graphics driver can "scale" down to fit 670 - therefore the screen is cut off.

    And even if you select a desktop resolution of 800x600 ((or force such a low resolution) the game will still load in 1024x768 at a minimum, causing 224x98 pixels to be cut off.

    AFAIK There is no way to avoid this problem apart getting a TV screen with a better resolution.


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  • HardwaremasterHardwaremaster Senior Member In 3dsmax Los Angeles CaliforniaPosts: 6,391Registered Users, Tech Moderators
    edited May 2011
    Are you absolutely sure that your Screen is a 40 Inch? That is a very unusual resolution.. Can you tell me your TV's model and type?
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  • SnoopyTRBSnoopyTRB Senior Member Posts: 864Registered Users
    edited May 2011
    1202x670 is a TV using underscan/overscan. While irritating it's not unheard of. That's why I hate using TV's for a computer screen, they are inflexible it terms of the resolutions they can handle.
  • pipinbopipinbo Junior Member Posts: 4Registered Users
    edited September 2013
    I'm having similar issues with my own TV monitor. My custom desktop size is 1768 x 992 (through Nvidia control panel) and again works with every other game I have played including those in the total war series. I simply can't get the option for this resolution to appear in the options menu and am forced to display the game either in 1024 x 768 or to select windowed mode which doesn't display well on my screen at all.
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