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A setting causing issues, and not just in Napoleon

Phalanx109Phalanx109 Junior MemberRegistered Users Posts: 32
I started playing Napoleon total war, as I got tired of the endless bugs in Empire total war, a real shame as that game is huge in scale. Anyways started a easy campaign to get my feet wet, worked allot smoother then empire total war, yet for some reason on the campaign map a graphics setting was causing my video card to heat up. I do not have this issue with any blizzard games, or older games, but some of the more modern games or games that had there graphics upgraded contain this bug or whatever it is. Does anyone know what this newer graphics setting is that is causing video cards to heat up fast?

This is not my imagination Ive been around on pc games for two decades now, I have seen all the tricks, lies, and bs the industry has to offer. All I need to know is what this setting is so I can turn it off. Any help would be appreciated, but as I recently learned more then likely not going to happen. I figured Id ask anyways.
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