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Patch 4 Balancing Update

CA_AtoCA_Ato The Creative AssemblyRegistered Users, Moderators, CA Staff Mods, CA Staff Posts: 700
Howdy and warm welcome back to myself!

It has been a bit quiet in the last weeks. Well, at least for you it has, while I've been horribly screamed at, scratched and peed on... it's like my mandatory army days all over again.

Let's talk shop: Bit less time for balancing than anticipated. I was holding off another Dwarf pass until the DLC team had finished their new units. Then I was suddenly holding a 2.8kg low-leadership Dwarfling, missing the patch release deadline in the process. Bad me. Please don't hold a grudge.

However, I did manage to push my little side project along, namely the new Warriors of Chaos units. As many of you know, we did not plan for additional WoC units beyond those produced for the day 1 DLC. The four main factions of WH1 are receiving strong additions to their rosters though. Long story short, Games Workshop liked the proposals, we hijacked some team members and put in a little overtime to add some tactical flexibility to the Warriors of Chaos, free to everyone both in campaign and custom battles.

Aspiring Champions
This is a unit type I always wanted to try out, but up to now didn’t have a suitable unit for: A cheap, elite unit consisting of very few warriors. Think of Aspiring Champions as tomorrow’s Exalted Heroes and Chaos Lords – if they survive the rigorous selection process.
  • Combat skill surpassing even that of Chosen, and a bit more speed as they do not need to march in formation.
  • Devastating in melee, being more cost efficient than most other melee infantry.
  • Easily countered by spells, armour-piercing missiles and cavalry charges.
Their small unit size combined with the Vanguard ability allows them to be hidden in small patches of forest, which will hopefully make your opponents tread very carefully. They encourage nearby units and can easily walk through your main battle line, acting as a force-multiplier during melee engagements. Finally, the enscorcelled weapons they wield should prove very useful against Vampires.

Marauder Horsemasters
Warriors of Chaos are notoriously weak on the missile front. I tried to make up for that by giving the Marauder Horsemen decent melee capabilities, but hybrid units naturally need to cost a bit more. Adding an elite version of Chaos’ signature skirmisher cavalry, the Marauder Horsemasters, allows us to provide the army with a truly dangerous hybrid skirmisher.
  • Wear decent armour (for a semi-naked Norse Wildling).
  • Very painful Javelin attacks with a bit more range, especially suitable against beefy unarmoured foes (Crypt Horrors, Savage Orcs etc.).
  • Enough melee power to defeat most missile infantry and warhounds.
Marauder Horsemasters are very annoying enemies. Their increased staying power and firepower-per-unit means they need less attention.

With the hybrid-responsibility removed from the regular Horsemen, these can now be a cheaper missile-focussed unit. The Throwing Axe version remains in the middle.

Chaos Manticore
There are several factions whose airborne lords and heroes are lacking air support. Those factions generally have missile power to make up for it though. Giving the Warriors of Chaos a Feral Chaos Manticore unit provides so many possibilities it was too good an option to ignore. Chaos Sorcerers can now also be seated on these winged beasts.
  • It’s a Manticore.
  • It does Manticorey things.

The other balancing efforts mostly revolve around Chaos too, but you'll notice that a number of the examples you brought forward were adressed by nerfing Chaos' enemies instead. With the strong healing potions removed, we expect a decent amount of movement in the MP meta.

Once again thanks to all* for your help!

Kind regards, Ato

*My thanks being split 70/30 in favour of the constructive help - you know who you are!
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