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!!!! GROUP FOR ROME 2 CAMPAIGN !!! Caps lock FTW

Hey fellow legionnaires,

Link to steam group: steamcommunity.com/groups/CBFR2

Group Information

Very new group. I"m talking like 2 days old with 10 members so far. But I'm really pushing to expand it through any advertising I can get my hands on. Speaking of, if you have ANY suggestions for expanding the reach of this group then please let me know in the comments below (or in group comments if you join).

This group is made specifically for finding people to play campaign with in Rome 2. This goes for head to head, co-op campaigns, mods and no mods. However, like I said this is a new group so the in-group forums aren't fully functional and there are no scheduled events or hotseats as of yet. BUT the members are VERY eager to play (some have never played multiplayer campaign before) so all you have to do is comment in the group that you want to play or just simply add a member and shoot them a message.

Commenting: To help yourself and other members try to comment your timezone/preffered times to play, your preffered type of campaign to play, and the mods you generally like to use. This will help you to connect with people of like mind.
I'm going to try to start designing a more organized way to post everyone's campaign information and organize member meet-ups. For now though, just abuse the comment section in-group (or suggest some better options :smile: )


If you'd like to play with me personally

Hell yeah, I thought you'd never ask! :wink:

I live in Central Time Zone (Currently 11:45pm when I posted this) and I like to play either at night (10p - early a.m.) or during the day if I'm off work.

I'm open minded to head to head campaigns and other types of mods but I definitely prefer co-op campaigns with non-DEI mods. I only say non-DEI because it makes the battles a little too slow paced for my liking.

OH... I also am not that good when it comes to battles. I'm decent at the campaign part, and I'm decent at wrecking the braindead and predictable AI, but I always lose multiplayer online battles. Always. So keep that in mind if you're wanting a challenging head to head (probably ask someone else).

Anyways, I hope to see you in group and in game some day! :smiley:

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