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total war in meddleeast

lo0orncelo0ornce Posts: 1Registered Users
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i've been playing total war almost all its games , and i really love them. You guys are awesome.
However, i have noticing that you guys went through all empires from the romans from in the west to the hans in the east since you guys are looking for new epic history figure, i was really disappointed that you guys was ignoring the huge history in the middle east specially islamic empires. The one in Attila was not that good it was only a DLC even though the main figure for DLC was the Charlemagne. I mean there are no options that should be added for an islamic figures at least make the next one an islamic figure as main character. There are really cool and epic history figures in middle east . You should added an Arabic language there too. there are more than half billion people who speak and read that language so please consider that for the next games.
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  • ChiyouChiyou Posts: 1Registered Users
    Never have CA created a Total War focused in China. But if you have Medieval 2 TW, try the Broken Crescent mod (found in the TW center download for M2TW), its a beautiful game focused in Eastern Europe, the Holy lands, all the way into Northern India. The artwork is magnificent and breath taking with many historical units and new buildings not found in the vanilla. If its a Middle East or Islamic focused TW game you want, Broken Crescent is the best they have.
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