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Help needed with city-battle screen freezes.

jazz90#1157jazz90#1157 Registered Users Posts: 52
edited November 2016 in Crashes & Performance
Iv'e been having alot of problems with running Attila. R2 works and runs very good but Attila city battles makes it for me. The battles are unplayable. After starting a campaign city battle or siege the game gets really sluggish and after some seconds the screen freezes but the sound continue to run. The screen can get stuck for about a minute, then it unfreezes and the units start moving for some seconds before it freezes again.

The strange thing is that if I start a custom city-battle and deploy alot of units it doesn't get sluggish and freeze at all. I can even use the very big and demanding custom battles from the steam-workshop and they seem to run fine. It's only when I use the city-battles in the campaign that they game runs slow. Iv'e also only tried it in the AoC campaign.

This bugs me really much because I really want to play the game, and my computer should be very able to run the game on high settings.

I also use alot of mods, maybe I should first try to run the game without them?

Any help is appreciated.
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