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Wood Elves should get Amber from Quests

MerciiMercii Registered Users Posts: 946
edited November 2016 in General Discussion
I thought I remembered Darren or someone mentioning you can get Amber from quest battles. Can anyone confirm?

Ssal came up with this awesome idea in another thread:
Ssal said:

Another option would be to get additional amber from quests that take place beyond the forest or hunting down key enemies of AL like the beastmen...

I think this is an amazing idea, and would love to confirm if you can in fact get Amber from random quests or if there is any chance CA can add this before release.

I think a rare chance to get Amber from random quests (perhaps 5-10) Amber rewards over the course of an average campaign would really fit the Wood Elves and make the whole Amber system much better.

Edit: Changed thread title as a couple of people have said you do get Amber from QBs
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