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Goodbye (Other Region) Players

ArdezArdez Posts: 84Registered Users
edited December 2016 in ARENA Archive
While I have a WG EU account, I will be using it to lurk. With the region lock I probably won't be having any of these discussions with you again. Now to disappear forever into the WG NA forums..... on the 13th.

CA, y u let them separate us? Segmented community. :(

(I understand that CA likely had little or no influence in this decision. Publisher forums are determined by the publisher)

EDIT: Express your support to unify our forums! Thanks to @Xeir for the EU link.

EU: http://forum.totalwararena.net/index.php?/topic/317-wargaming-arena-forums-rueunaasia/page__pid__2213#entry2213

NA: http://forum.totalwararena.com/index.php?/topic/68-creative-assembly-twarena-forums-closingforum-region-lock-discussion/page__pid__411#entry411
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