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Give Beastmen some Love - Beastmen LL!

TLJBoky7612TLJBoky7612 Registered Users Posts: 19
edited December 2016 in General Discussion
IMO the Beastmen aren't fully fleshed out, especially in comparison to other armies currently in the game, and it would be nice if we received some new Beastmen Themed armies comps through our LL choices, to offer variation in the current Bestigor LL available - (Similar treatment to the Greenskins, goblin armies).

Ghorros Warhoof:

Centigor LL a nice counter to Wood Elves Speed in battle and allow the option to create a thematic Centigor based army

Taurox the Brass Bull:

I have heard Taurox requested in the forums a fair amount, the addition of Taurox is important as it would allow the creation of a strong minotaur army.

Additionally, I feel other additions such as a Ghorgon are desperately needed to counter the incoming Realm of the Wood elves DLC. And just create some new replay-ability to the faction and extra mechanics which imo is definitely needed.

Please add your thoughts!
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