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WE minicampaign co-op issue

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In multiplayer campaign Orion controls the Oak of Ages, leaving Durthu without those useful bonuses. I thought, that I could manage without them, but in reality it's overcomplicated.
On "Very Hard" difficulty you suffer a -8 public ordr penalty, which is comprised of difficulty and tax modifiers. You can't get rid of them - there is no tax slider in this game.
To combat this negative effect, you a have a single building chain, which will provide +3 maximum, and a tech, which grants +3 public order factionwide. Offices don't have any effect on public order. Therefore, you are stuck with -2 public order in settlements.
The Oak of Ages seems to be the main thing, that maintains public order for a player, so how is Durthu supposed keep rebelions at bay? Either I have overlooked something or the devs din't pay attention to it.


  • #940261#940261 Registered Users Posts: 1,422
    I have been looking forward to play minicampaign in co-op. It would be very nice, if somoene responded to this topic.
  • Ardralis#6569Ardralis#6569 Registered Users Posts: 198
    Tbh am getting the feeling the Durthu starting position to allow co-op was a tacked on affair without any testing of the implications.

    Am playing in a co-op at the moment using Durthu and at turn 15 my main settlement is upgraded to teir 2 with the vineyard for income, I have 1 stack of 12 units including Durthu's starting units and some extra teir 1 units and I have a second treeman general on his own defending skarsnicks former base, I control all karak norns province and my income is about 600g per turn with 2 trade agreements. I have no idea how he can ever afford a 20 stack.

    meanwhile my woodelf companion has control of the vaults and upgraded the oak to teir 2 and his main settlement to teir 2, he has a small stack of 6 in kings glade and Orions army has 18 units and his income is still in the black.

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